The Race To Be Crowned Champions


As were in the final stretch of the season, it’s time we looked at the final remaining fixtures to see which team I feel will be crowned champions of England for the 2009/10 season.

Manchester United’s Remaining Fixtures

  • Chelsea (home)
  • Blackburn (away)
  • Manchester City (away)
  • Tottenham (home)
  • Sunderland (away)
  • Stoke (home)

As we’ve seen with Blackburn they are a tough team to beat (drawing with Chelsea) at Ewood Park. However, Blackburn are now realistically safe from relegation as are Sunderland and Stoke. Hopefully the concentration of their players will be else – thinking of the sun, sand and sangria rather than football so will be less committed.

The big games obviously are against Chelsea, Tottenham and City. Even with the recent return of form for Chelsea I really fancy United to win. Like Inter Milan, I think we’ll play at a pace which will unsettle Chelsea and we will dominate in the second half.

Tottenham and City are both fighting for fourth spot so they will be competitive until the season ends. United have a superb record against Spurs, who can forget last season’s dramatic comeback? However, Spurs are probably the form team trying to claim the fourth spot and under Harry Redknapp are a mentally stronger team. Obviously the fixture won’t be easy but I expect us to defeat Spurs – the game being at Old Trafford is key.

The fixture I’m most concerned about is Manchester City away. Their fans will be massively up for this game – a chance to enhance their challenge for fourth spot and to dent our title hopes. The incentive is huge for City. Not forgetting a one Carlos Tevez… I’d settle for a draw.

My prediction: 16 points out of the 18 available.

Chelsea’s Remaining Fixtures

  • Manchester United (away)
  • Bolton (home)
  • Tottenham (away)
  • Stoke (home)
  • Liverpool (away)
  • Wigan (home)

Similar to United’s fixtures I feel teams will be thinking of their holidays. So I expect wins against Bolton, Stoke and Wigan.

Chelsea have three real tough away fixtures – United, Spurs and Liverpool. As mentioned earlier I feel United will defeat Chelsea. Chelsea could easily drop points against Spurs and Chelsea and it is conceivable they could lose all three games. However, I feel Chelsea will defeat one of Liverpool or Spurs. If Liverpool are out of the race for fourth spot Chelsea will comfortably win at Anfield.

My prediction: 10 points out of the available.

Arsenal’s Remaining Fixtures

  • Wolves (home)
  • Tottenham (away)
  • Wigan (away)
  • Manchester City (home)
  • Blackburn (away)
  • Fulham (home)

Although Wolves are on a good run of form you’d fancy Arsenal to pick up the full three points. Arsenal’s next game against Tottenham will define their season – lose and their season could crumble, win and Arsenal will challenge all the way. If Arsenal lose to Spurs I can easily see them dropping points against Blackburn and City. I think Arsenal will draw against Spurs which will end their dream of reclaiming the Premier League title.

My prediction: 11 points out of the 18 available.

My Final League Table Prediction

  1. United: played 38, 86 points
  2. Chelsea: played 38, 81 points
  3. Arsenal: played 38, 79 points

What do you think? Have I let heart rule my head?

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  1. To be honest,I think it is not so much the EPL fixtures that bother me it’s the UCL.Chelsea are better rested for the next fixture following their departure from UCL. Arsenal are right behind them(Chelsea)following their departure from UCL *chuckles* they just don’t know it yet(Barcelona…I’ll say no more).Although rotation has been adequate and our squad is bustful,our injuries forces us to play the same players more which will eventually lead to drainage hence the Fulham game.In contrast,this team [like so many before it] knows only one mentality – self sacrifice.Go Red Devils !!!

  2. @ SEA
    my sentiments exactly…given what I have stated,I feel the team has no way but forward it’s a natural inclination for any United player winning and perfecting perfection is embedded in them;not only do United pick up where they left off they better it by some margin.This team we have is not filled with your quintessential superstars as such,but more importantly we work as a unit and if our physical strength gives way our mental strength carries us over the line so to speak.I firmly believe the silverwear will wear our colours once more.

  3. Nice predictions.. but I’d say lets take one game at a time.. I just want 3 points against Chelsea, rest will be fine..

  4. i agree we have to take each game as it comes but if we beat chelsea on saturday if we win we will be four points ahead of chelsea there we can afford to lose game which could be the city game. i have know chelsea will losse more games and arseanl as they both have to go to tottheam as long as we beat chelsea we have one hand on trophy fours years in a row and 19 titles cant ask for any more real o but a trip to madraid which would be great for me as i live in spain and i wont have travel far .

  5. worriedturkey on

    what has not been mentioned is that if any player doesn’t have that mentality or physical fitness they wouldn’t be at utd, that is all down to one man S.A.F a winner in more ways than one , and that is why i think we will win the league,he makes them believe!!

  6. worriedturkey on

    lucky you brian,(living in spain)but personally i would rather not get beat at all,but if we did then i would rather lose to someone like sunderland than the blue s****,(sorry)(not chesea blue)

  7. well at the moment city are drawing to wigan i have changed my mind i think we will beat city cos there defence is bit shaky when we played at westlands in the carling cup semi final we lost but you rember we didnt have vidc or rio playing which i for got about. so beat city and maye draw at balackburn.

  8. Great finish is ensured, tmrw will take it out of the lads ahead of Chelsea then the Munich return… 7 key days, the key will be keeping Fletch, Roon & The Defence fit.. the core. Everything opens up if we keep the tempo this week.
    Arsenal r perfect opponents 4 Barca.. they might play them and win, if not they will be too distracted to maintain pl campaign.
    As for Chelsea, Ancelotti has something missing & they will not reach their potential. With no Essien and some confusing stats re. Drogba effectiveness, they r doomed again.
    To finish the roundup …. Eastlands is a worry.

  9. I believe we will remind Chelsea who the Champions are however,if by some misfortune we stumble,I will have to have my shades drawn for a year not to mention unplug the phone,stay off Facebook and have lunch on my own for a while at work…?

    “one more time with feeling…” – Go Red Devils !

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