The Not-So-Maybe Transfer Saga of Wesley Sneijder


By Lee Savery.

Every summer, Manchester United are linked with every “top” player in the world. Every summer, there is always at least one particular name that dominates the rumour mills and back pages for the whole duration of the transfer window. For this particular it has been all about or all not about, Inter Milan and Netherlands midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

The potential signing of Sneijder has left many Man United fans excited at the prospect of the club signing, arguably, one of the best players in the world today. Due to the retirement of Paul Scholes, it is generally understood a replacement would be on the top of Sir Alex’s shortlist and Sneijder is seen by many as the perfect replacement. However, I have my doubts the transfer will happen.

Sneijder himself has never stated any desire to leave Inter. ”I would like to remain [.] My wife Yolanthe and I love Inter, the Italian fans and Italy.” However he knows the business of transfers well enough from his time at Real Madrid. ”But football is like that. When I was sold from Real Madrid to Inter, I would have preferred to have remained in Spain. Whatever will be, will be.”1 If the transfer were to happen, the club would have to force Inter’s position. Inter director Marco Branca said, “We know what we have to do and there are no meetings planned with his agent. Sneijder is not for sale.”2 Sir Alex himself acknowledged his unavailability at a press conference during the ongoing tour in the United States.

It seems if United do indeed want Sneijder, a substantial transfer fee would have to be exchanged. It’s possible a transfer fee for Sneijder could be close to the combined fees spent on David De Gea, Phil Jones & Ashley Young due to his importance to the club. This is not Sir Alex’s way of dealing with the market in the last few seasons (with the exception of Dimitar Berbatov) which he once stated as “inflated”.

One way Sir Alex does like to work, is in-house development with his current squad of players. With Anderson still at the club and Tom Cleverley now set to play a role in the first team for the upcoming season, this gives us two options. The club also have exciting young prospects in Ravel Morrison & Paul Pogba. However, I do believe they are not ready for the step-up to the first team just yet, especially Morrison, who some consider has off the field issues to correct.

Sir Alex recently stated that there would be no more signings before the Community Shield against Manchester City. Some assumed this would be the complete end of transfer dealings by the club this summer. However, David Gill has confirmed that one more player could join before the end of August.

“… We have been looking at a particular position, 2 or 3 players in that position [.] there is often movement in August. I’m not sitting here saying that I’m working on anything specific because I’m not but that situation could change quickly as we get back to base Carrington, and see how the siutation with the season being imminent, things change pretty quickly in football.”3

It now seems one more signing will happen before the end of August. I am adamant that Sneijder will not be that signing even if I would love to see him at the club. Rumours are now intensifying that Mirko Vučinić is a player the club are interested in. Another striker would be pointless considering we have seven strikers in the squad already.

Your guess is as good as mine as to who our final summer signing will be. No matter who it is, I am sure it will be a player of world-class quality who will add something the current squad needs.

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    watching Mu tv early Gill say one more signing when we get back home and fergie told he wants a World Class signing. Sneijder of course, lets hope we pull it off cos it is doing my head at this stage

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