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    Players corncerned by lack of creativity?

    Manchester United stars in Louis van Gaal training row | The Times
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    Philosophy and tactics under Louis van Gaal 2015/16

    Swansea City - 30/8/2015 His only philosophy is trying to bore the opposition to death, if that doesn't work cross to Fellaini. His process is talking a good game, it's no different to last year when he stumbled upon a decent line up for 5 games.
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    Van Gaal confirms preferred formation

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    Plan B when Fellaini is neutralised

    In the last two games Chelsea and Everton have targeted Fellaini, nullified him and our attacking potency has suffered as a result. Is there a plan B when Fellaini is nullified? Or shouldn't we read too much into the last two performances given the opposition?
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    Long-ball United

    Premier League: Louis van Gaal's long-ball pragmatism can only take Manchester United so far | Football News | Sky Sports Manchester United - are they a long ball team under Louis van Gaal? - Telegraph Only Metz and Burnley have attempted more long balls in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season...
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    Negative, slow and ponderous

    I'm not just talking about tonight either, the winning mentality out of this squad has gone. A lot of possession for possessions sake with an end goal not even in sight. At times, it's actually a chore to sit through matches.