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    Louis van Gaal sacked

    Manchester United: Louis van Gaal sacked as manager
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    Young at 9, Lingard at 10, Mata on the right

    Bit bizarre. Not sure why Mata remained on the right when he was clearly struggling and Young looked lost at 9.
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    Louis van Gaal wanted by Dutch FA this summer?

    Dutch FA want to appoint Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal. This summer
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    Januzaj's United future in doubt after Van Gaal freezes out winger

    Adnan Januzaj's Manchester United future in doubt
  5. bludsucker

    Interview: Louis van Gaal reveals softer side away from TV cameras

    ‘I am used to criticism’: Louis van Gaal reveals his softer side in an exclusive interview A very nice read if nothing else. Shows that everyone outside the club including the media know eff all about what goes on inside it. P.S: Don't know if this was the right thread to post this. Please...
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    Audio: Van Gaal on win v Derby

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    Paul Scholes: Man Utd players and Louis Van Gaal 'look bored'

    Man Utd players look bored - Scholes
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    Giggs injecting some fun back into United training as LVG loosens grip

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    Audio: Van Gaal: Two beautiful goals

  10. S

    Out of the Champions League

    Pretty abysmal in a group we should have easily qualified from, even Moyes got out of the groups with Fergies' "terrible" squad he left. Playing the process philosophy football earlier in the group cost us big time and now it's Thursday nights on itv4. What makes it even worse is City finished...
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    Five 0-0 draws in last nine games

    Quite the telling stat. And the seventh draw in the last ten games. United's last six home games: 0-0, 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 0-0, 0-0.
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    Audio: Van Gaal remains positive

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    Van Gaal has the full backing of the United board

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    Can 'boring' Manchester United win the Premier League?

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    Audio: Van Gaal on performance against Leicester

  16. bludsucker

    Progress Under Van Gaal

    Amidst all the shitstorm in the media and our fans over our performances i was wondering have we made any progress under Van Gaal? My answer to this simple question would be to take a look at how the fans expectations have progressed since the horror show that was moyes. I saw that under moyes...
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    Rene Meulensteen: "I think there is a lack of freedom"

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    First-teamer reportedly confesses he’s half the player under Van Gaal

    Man United star: I'm only half the player under Van Gaal's bad management