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    Champions League 2018/19: Manchester United v Juventus

    V Tuesday, 23rd October 2018 Champions League Old Trafford 20:00 BST
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    Champions League Semi Finals 2016/17

    1-0 for Madrid at half time. Ronaldo:
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    Gonzalo Higuain at Juventus 2016/17

    A thread for the £75m player.
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    Javier Hernandez to Juventus?

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    Alvaro Morata

  6. Sideshow Bob

    Ander Herrera to leave in the summer?

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    Five great Manchester United European comebacks

    4. Athletic Bilbao, European Cup quarter-final, February 1957 2. Barcelona, European Cup Winners’ Cup quarter-final, March 1984
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    Paul Pogba | Transfer thread

    United su Pogba, pronti 50 mln - Calcio - ANSA.it Translation: ANSA is Italy's equivalent of the PA.