1. Sideshow Bob

    FA Cup 2018/2019: Chelsea v Manchester United

    V Monday, 18th February 2019 FA Cup 5th Round Stamford Bridge 19:30 GMT
  2. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League 2018/19: Chelsea v Manchester United

    V Saturday, 20th October 2018 Premier League Stamford Bridge 12:30 BST
  3. Sideshow Bob

    Alvaro Morata at Chelsea 2018/19

    Premier League: Southampton 0-3 Chelsea - 7th October 2018
  4. Sideshow Bob

    Kepa Arrizabalaga at Chelsea 2018/19

  5. Sideshow Bob

    Jorginho at Chelsea 2018/19

  6. jsp

    Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea 2018/19

    Maurizio Sarri set to be announced as Chelsea manager before players return Assume the delay has something to do with the compensation they would have to pay Napoli reducing after 1st July as he has 1 year less on his contract.
  7. Sideshow Bob

    FA Cup Final: Chelsea v Manchester United

    V Saturday, 19th May 2018 FA Cup Final Wembley Stadium 17:15 BST
  8. Sideshow Bob

    The Manager's Post-Match Reaction: Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea

  9. Sideshow Bob

    Olivier Giroud at Chelsea 2017/18

  10. Sideshow Bob

    Eden Hazard at Chelsea 2017/18

    Premier League: West Bromwich Albion 0-4 Chelsea - 18th November 2017
  11. Sideshow Bob

    FA Community Shield 2017/18

    Arsenal v Chelsea at 2pm today.
  12. Sideshow Bob

    Alvaro Morata at Chelsea 2017/18

  13. Sideshow Bob

    Antonio Conte at Chelsea 2017/18

    Thread for discussions on Antonio Conte and Chelsea in 2017/18.
  14. Sideshow Bob

    FA Cup semi finals 2016/17

    22nd April 2017 Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur 23rd April 2017 Arsenal v Manchester City
  15. Sideshow Bob

    Premier League: Manchester United v Chelsea

    V Sunday, 16th April 2017 Premier League Old Trafford 16:00 BST
  16. Sideshow Bob

    FA Cup: Chelsea v Manchester United

    V Monday, 13th March 2017 FA Cup Quarter-Final Stamford Bridge 19:45 GMT
  17. Sideshow Bob

    FA Cup Quarter Finals Draw: Chelsea v Manchester United

    United will play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
  18. Sideshow Bob

    Oscar to join Shanghai SIPG?

  19. Sideshow Bob

    Chelsea set to loan out Fabregas?

    Chelsea set to loan out Fàbregas
  20. Sideshow Bob

    Chelsea's first goal - who is at fault?

    Smalling? Blind? De Gea? Two of the three? All three of them?