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Munich Manchester United Busby's Legacy by Iain McCartney
Sir Matt Busby
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By Iain McCartney Sir Alex Ferguson is responsible for the modern day Manchester United (read that whatever way you want), but the foundation was set by one man – Sir Matt Busby, with the sterling assistance of Jimmy Murphy, whose…

Former Players
Bill Foulkes
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By Iain McCartney In the pre-Munich side, he did not have the panache of Edwards, the silky skills of Colman nor the consistency of Byrne, while ten years further on he stood in the shadows behind his more illustrious team…

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By Iain McCartney. It was the news that we have long dreaded, but knew that one day it would explode across the vast wide spectrum of the media. ‘Twitter’ went into melt down. No idea about ‘Facebook’, as it does…

Man United Players
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By Iain McCartney Although not old enough to have seen the ‘Babes’, I can, however, say that I had the pleasure of watching the ‘Trinity’ in action, both home and away. Charlton was always simply ok. Denis was of course the “King”…

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