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Man United Players
How Many More Chances Will Sir Alex Give Him?
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By [email protected]!t. Anderson’s name has been mentioned in the news a lot recently, first it began with news coming through about him being in a car crash and related stories, then lately with his return to action with the reserves.…

Match Discussion
Community Shield Preview: Chelsea v Manchester United
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By [email protected]!t. You can read the thoughts of a Chelsea fan

Man United Players
Berbatov – Provider or Goal Scorer?
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By [email protected]!t. Dimitar Berbatov has been “affectionately” given a new name by Manchester United fans – ‘Berbaflop’. The name is an indication of what the general consensus amongst the fans is – Berbatov has been underwhelming and has failed to…

Do Manchester City Have Scouts?
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By [email protected]!t I have come across an interesting trend recently, which other football fans have noticed too. Any player linked with a big English team, City are also linked and consequently the price increase in the player’s valuation is tenfold…