Suarez to Manchester United?


There has been a lot of talk recently regarding Manchester United’s interest in signing Luis Alberto Suarez from Dutch club AFC Ajax.

All of a sudden the transfer hungry amongst us are crying out for the signing of Suarez. I’ll be honest; I’ve never seen Suarez play a single minute. However, Suarez has a sensational goal return, this season the Uruguayan has scored 49 goals in 48 appearances and has a career record of 124 goals in 195 appearances.

I have doubt (or concern is probably a better choice of words) purely on the basis Suarez plies his trade in the Dutch League. For every Ruud van Nistelrooy there is a Mateja Kezman, Dirk Kuyt or Afonso Alves. All had superb goal scoring records playing in Holland but only one has maintained their records elsewhere, our very own Ruud.

Is the Dutch league any stronger than Scottish football? Should we sign Kris Boyd, his goal scoring record is very similar to Suarez’s. Boyd will be a lot cheaper than the ridiculous £35m being branded about for Suarez. My tongue is firmly stuck in my cheek with the suggestion of Boyd.

With Suarez playing in the Dutch league is he considered to be unproven? If so, we already have several unproven forwards at the club. Macheda, Diouf and Hernandez are all unproven; surely we don’t want another in Suarez?

So is Suarez worth the hype? Is he worth the money which is being branded about? Do we really need another striker, is midfield a priority?

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  2. Yes….Fair enough…….But his International record is good….Meanwhile back at the ranch….Could someone explain to me ‘Where is Carrick’s head and feet at the moment?’…….It is the form of a player ,who’s legs have gone………And has been throughout the season…..He needs to wake up…….Or else?….

  3. i would think mid-field is really the top priority at the moment. after strengthening the mid-field, we can think about Rooney’s striking partner…

  4. well i think suarez wont be coming. why there reports in spain today united lead race for david silva. to be honest i dont belive papers radio any more . why last nite real madriad were on the verge of sing david silva. now this moring they say fergie is ready to contact velencia. we jiust have to wait for sky sports news or mu tv to break any transfer news i am getting fed of us being linked with this player that player and it never happens

  5. FergieKanjar on

    We donot need more strikers when we play 1 up front (Rooney) and he plays come what may so what is the point of loading the squad with striker who are never gonna get a game. By my count we have 7 (Roo, Berba, Owen, Macheda, Welbeck, Diouf and now Hernandez) and yet we are still being linked with every striker in the world.

    I think Macheda and Welbeck should be given much more opportunities next season. Why we have bought Diouf and the mexican lad I’ll never know!!!

    Our problem is the Central Midfield! Since hargreeves’ injury (if he was ever fit) we have been less that ordinary in the centre. His partnership with Ando was blossoming nicely but now the gaffer, in his wisdom, likes the old guard (Giggsy n Scholsy) – legends but should hang up thier boots (PLEASE!!) plus Carrick & Fletch who in my humble opinion are not fit to wear the Red shirt…they are mediocre at best!

    We get overrun in every ‘Big’ game when these four play so they have to go…

    …Would love to see a midfiled of Tosic Anderson Snijder Nani with Roo and Berba up top! I’d like fergie to buy Van D Vaart and Snijder!

  6. Jason Freeman on

    If we were to sign another striker which I think is unlikely, I would think we’d get someone a lot taller and stronger.

  7. Henry N. Kizito on

    Fergiekanjar got it wrong when he said that Fletcher is not fit for United, yet he was chosen among this season’s best 11 in the Primiership, and his absence was indisputably the major reason we lost 2-0 to Berca in the Champion’s league final. It’s true, our major weakness is in mid-field; deep six. We have so far failed to replace Roy Keane. Micheal Carrick is a big joke. We need a commanding figure, strong, ruthless, quick, good at passing and game reading, with excellent positional awareness. It’s true we have seven strikers, but we don’t have Rooney’s partner. Two of the seven (Berbatov and Micheal Owen) have their best days behind them, three (Macheda, Chcharito and Welbeck) are all prospects. It’s true that we need both the old (in whose experience the young delve) and the young (for the future of the club). But Man U is a team with ambition to win today and tomorrow. This is why we need a very effectively prolific striker like Suarez. His scoring record of 42 goals in 41 appearances for Ajax speaks volumes. At 23 he can score from range with both legs, he knows how to keep defenders at a back foot, he’s versatile, quick, strong in the air, and above all he has expressed interest in joining Man U, and Ajax is willing to sell at 25 million pounds. We need Suarez and either Song Belong from Arsenal or Obi Mikel from Chelsea.

  8. FergieKanjar on

    Although I agree that Fletcher started showing a lot of promise last season and early part of this season but I feel he has regressed since Fergie was “forced” to play him in virtually every position apart from the goal. Now he just runs around a bit like Park getting in players way and little else. Carrick cant even do that! He just vanishes during any “big”(ish) game!

    I am a purist and like to see technically sound players i.e players who don’t wet themselves when an opposition players gets within 100 yards of them.

    For me the best Utd memories I have are the 99 and 08 season – and no its not JUST because we won the Champ Lge but its because we played in the right way i.e the hell with what the opposition does we have the players to outscore them! We played beautiful fotobal!

    The last 2 years I haven’t enjoyed a single game because Fergie has relyed more and more on people like Carrick, Fletcher, O’ Shea, Scholes Giggs and Park – who are either crap to begin with or are approaching their Freedom Pass age. I think Utd have become a negative team at least in the big games when Fergie trys to stop the opposition rather than staying true to the utd way.

    Just look at the Bayern (away) and Chelsea games when our season unravelled! He first left Valencia out and than left Nani out and we lost both games and now can prade the worthless cup around Manchester!

  9. Nice post from FergieKanjar, can’t agree more….I’m a big fans of MU, I watch the club grows year by year….
    I really missed attractive/beautiful football displayed in 97/98/99-early 2000…
    but dont want to blame fergie as I believe he also missed players like beckham, young giggs, young scholes, cole, york, solks, etc…

  10. FergieKanjar on

    Fergie is one of the greatest managers of all time and he could and should have been THE GREATEST! But I think he has let himself down at the biggest stage in club football – Champions League! He has been at the helm of Utd for nearly 25 years, he has had full control over transfers and youth development and 2 CLs is a very poor return in my opinion.

    Not sure why but i think fergie has become very negative in Europe. In the big games he keeps turning to the likes of Park Carrick O’Shea etc to try to stop the opposition. Why? I could understand when you are short of resources and you have to do what you have to do to win a game of football. But when you the likes of Nani, Valencia, Obertan, Tosic, Anderson, Welbeck, Macheda Rafael and Fabio who are all very very comfortable on the ball, you are naturally going to have significant possession and will automatically stop the opposition like we did in 99 and 08!

    We lost to Barca in the final last year – and yes they were the best team in Europe – but we gave ourselves no chance by playing Park on the right (to stop Henry)Rooney on the left (to stop messi) and the best player in the world Ron alone up front (with no service)! While Nani, Tevez, Berbatov and Rafael all sat on the bench! What part of that formation makes sense to anyone?!!!

    When you have Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Berbatov, Anderson, Nani, Rafael, Giggs in you squad why would give monkeys what the opposition were going to do?!!!

    Why didn’t Barca adapt to us, they played their best team available and we played our best out of position or they sat on the bench! Fergie has kept on with that philosophy this year by not playing valencia vs Bayern when he and nani were looking in hot form together and than a few days later vs chelski he dropped Nani and played Valencia and we still lost!

    And he keeps using words like experience when selecting the old guard. Utd’s success be it the Fergie era or the Busby era is based on youth, quick tempo and hitting teams on the break – though legends there is no room for sentimentality in pro-sports and they are past their best and youth must be given a proper chance to play, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and develope!

    I have big reservation about Fergie’s selection policies over the last 2 years. We keep buying fresh young talent but keep playing the old guard. Fergie has to trust the youngster as he did in the early 90s – they will deliver as all are technically good but to develope their temprament they have to play!

    Lets not kid ourselves we were lucky win the title last year as Liverpool played the best football overall while we lucky to be in the title hunt at all this year thanks to Chelski not finishing off games when they should have!

    Come on Fergie youth is the way to go and we have some of the best young talent in the world in our squad!

    Sorry for going on and on and on…..

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