By Iain McCartney.

It was the news that we have long dreaded, but knew that one day it would explode across the vast wide spectrum of the media. ‘Twitter’ went into melt down. No idea about ‘Facebook’, as it does not hold any interest to me, but I can imagine some of the comments on it.

The newspapers tomorrow will be full of it and will probably cost me a few pounds and some funny looks from whoever serves me. I actually collect United match reports and cuttings, got 1000’s and will certainly be adding to this over the next few days, much to the other half’s dismay.

Speaking of the other half, she is sitting as I type this, with tears in her eyes as she watches tributes to the man on MUTV.

So, 38 trophies later, the man from Govan is standing down. Going out at the top. It would have been nice to go out on a Champions League win, but I don’t think he really wanted to wait another couple of years or so.

The timing is right. End of the season, given the new man a summer to get his act together and to start afresh with the players. Can you imagine how strange it will be to them? It will be odd enough for us not to see the Glaswegian shuffling down the touchline towards the dugout, but how will the players take it, with a slightly different Scottish voice barking the instructions?

Jumped the gun a bit there haven’t I? But all fingers tonight are pointing at David Moyes to make the short trip along the East Lancs Road to M16 and be reunited with a certain Mr Rooney. Wonder if he will sell him for a second time?

With the announcement so sudden, one wonders what actually brought it on. Recent media and programme comments were all positive, looking forward to next season and making new signings, but was it all a smokescreen?

I don’t believe it is all a sudden wake up in the morning and decided to do it type of moment. I think it has been on the cards, with his successor already in place. But I also wonder if the decision by David Gill to stand down has had any bearing on SAF hanging up his black coat? Did he not fancy working with a man who is perhaps not exactly ‘into football’ and is perhaps more a Glazer’s man than he would like?

But what of the future? With the likes of Bale, Ronaldo et al linked with the club, I wonder if, when Fergie said that moves into the transfer market would be made sooner rather than later, did he mean that he would oversee the summer spending? If it is Moyes, then we might see Baines coming, with the (for now) Everton manager happy to go along with any squad strengthening suggestions that are put his way.

I also wonder how many supporters will call it a day. I think more than a few of the older generation have been hanging on, suffering the ticket prices, the ‘new-wave’ of match going supporters and said to themselves that they would give it all up when Fergie went.

But the future is tomorrow. Let’s all be thankful for the past, the past 26 years of an emotional rollercoaster, trophies, games and memories that can never be taken away.

There are too many to list here, memories that you never imagined possible back in the 1970’s.

Sunday was always going to be a special day, trophy presentations always are, but it will also be special, as it will give us the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the man who has given us so much. A man who we will always remembered for giving us so much pleasure. A man who has made Manchester United what it is today.

Thanks Sir Alex, enjoy your retirement.

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