Rooney – 100 not out


On Sunday against Arsenal Wayne Rooney scored his 100th league goal in what was his 247th league appearance. 85 of those goals have been scored while playing for Manchester United and 15 for Everton. Rooney has a scoring ratio of 2.47.

The current season is by far Rooney’s best, a record of 20 goals in 23 games. At the start of the season there were concerns how Rooney would cope with the added pressure after Ronaldo’s departure. There were many suggesting Rooney could not step up to the demands or pressure of being the lone star. Many doubted Rooney could score thirty goals which he is well on target to achieve.

Personally, before the season started I thought Rooney would score 30+ goals. In previous seasons the team was built around Ronaldo. Rooney was often shoved on to the left hand side to accommodate Ronaldo’s lack of tracking back in defence. This season is different however, the team is built around Rooney and his impressive goal record points to this. Rooney no longer runs around like a headless chicken, as in previous seasons, he now remains in and around the penalty area illustrated by the number of goals scored in the six yard box.

Rooney’s goal record is very similar to the season when Ronaldo scored 42 goals. In that season Ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 goals.

Where does Rooney rate among other strikers?

Alongside with Rooney, it would be fair to suggest Torres and Drogba are currently the best centre forwards in the Premier League.

Torres has a scoring record of 50 league goals in 72 appearances (scoring ratio of 1.44). Torres’ record is very impressive indeed; he recently broke Sam Raybould’s record of reaching 50 goals in fewer performances for Liverpool.

Drogba has scored 70 goals in 153 appearances (scoring ratio of 2.19).

So how does Rooney compare?  Considering Rooney has not always been selected as an out and out striker, his record compares favourable. However, Rooney is much more; he is a playmaker (Drogba and Torres are not really) and is the heartbeat of the United. He drives United forward with his enthusiasm and of course skill.

With recent lengthy absences of Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand, there has been recent murmuring about the possibility of Rooney being made captain. I would be against the idea at the moment, just let Rooney concentrate on playing and scoring. His time will no doubt come as captain but just not yet please Fergie.

If United are to be successful this season there is no doubt Rooney is pivotal. More of the same please Wayne…

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