Premier League – A drop in quality?


As Champions League football returns this week, there has been a decent amount of debate and discussion about the quality of football this season in the Premier League.

I think it would be fair to suggest there has been a slight drop in the quality of football this season.

This surely is solely not due to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Or is it simply due to the fact of the inconsistencies of the ‘bigger teams’ Chelsea and Manchester United? United and Chelsea are simply not dominating teams as they have in previous seasons. I think United have a slight excuse  due to the number of injuries we have sustained this season. I’m not so sure why Chelsea have struggled? A change of manager or the new formation restricting Lampard…

Another reason why Chelsea and United are not dominating is perhaps the increase of standard among mid-table teams now in the Premier League. The likes of City, Aston Villa and Spurs alongside Liverpool are competing for fourth spot. In seasons gone by fourth spot has either been a gimme for one of the big four teams or has had at least one other team challenging. Now City, Villa and Spurs are competing financially on a par with Liverpool & Arsenal.

Excluding the 4-3 derby against City earlier this season there has been no real outstanding games. If I remember correctly, last season similar until we reached an amazing period of football where we were saw goals galore and breath taking football. This period included our games against Villa & Spurs and Liverpool’s two 4-4 draws against Arsenal and Chelsea.

Perhaps the standard of football has always been the same? We now see more football on television more than we ever have previously. We are seeing the lower placed teams in the league more often. I have nothing against teams like Stoke and their method of play, it isn’t pretty but it is effective. The money at stake is too important; they have formed a method to earn enough points to remain in the league. In five years time we could see a different Stoke, a team that has developed through sustaining a period in the Premier League and therefore have benefited from the financial rewards.

Due to Barcelona and Spain dominating their respective competitions, La Liga has probably edged ahead of the Premier League in many people’s opinion. Another point to consider is, unlike watching the likes of Stoke we only see Real Madrid and Barcelona week-in week-out on Sky. Perhaps we have been lulled into a false sense of thinking..?

Is there a drop of quality in the Premier League?

I think it’s been slightly over-exaggerated. There isn’t a great deal of difference between La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League. I think we’ll gain a clearer understanding (of drop in quality) in the following weeks of Champions League football; how the English team fair will give us a closer answer.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an English team in the final.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts?

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