Power Shift in Manchester?


The date was 27th January 2010, the day of the Carling Cup semi-final, second leg against Manchester City. I had listened to talkSPORT throughout the day; the suggestion was the outcome of tonight’s game may produce a football power shift in Manchester.

What have Manchester City won or achieved for there to be considered a power shift? The answer is nothing! Wow, City reached the semi final of a cup competition for the first time in donkey years and are currently battling with three other teams for the vital fourth spot. I do feel City will finish fourth however.

Arguments for the power shift are:

1. City’s new found wealth and United’s debt.

2. Fergie’s retirement.

The suggestion is United won’t be able to compete with City financially when buying players. To be honest, which club can compete with City financially? We can’t, Chelsea can’t, perhaps only Real Madrid and anyway City cannot buy every player.

Does money equal success? Not necessarily. No denying richer clubs have the better opportunity of winning trophies. However, for me the structure of a club and the importance of a good manager cannot be underestimated. We have won the league for three consecutive seasons out-performing Chelsea and Abramovich’s piggy bank.

Our recent success is mainly due to the greatest manger football has seen. Admittedly, Fergie is close to retirement. However, do people really believe the empire Fergie has built will crumble once he steps down? You would be a fool to think so in my opinion. United are world renowned and will attract numerous applications from the best managers in the world. Perhaps United won’t be as successful, but we will always be involved in the title challenge.

So in conclusion, a power shift in Manchester? Nah. Not now or any time in the near future. City will need to win at least three league titles and a couple of cup competitions for even the thought of a power shift to be considered.

Fast forward a week later and we have comfortably beaten our local rivals and a main title challenger.

All isn’t too bad at Manchester United. Sorry everyone else.

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