Player Ratings: Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion


By Ben Davies

Manchester United 2-2 West Bromwich Albion

Starting XI

Van der Sar – 4.5: Clanger. Very rare mistake from the big Dutchman. Distribution was poor at times. Probably his worst moment in a Man United shirt.

Rafael –5.5: Decent first half, but his performance level dropped off during the second.

Ferdinand – 7: Played well in the main. One or two ropey passes, but solid otherwise. Delighted he is capable of playing on a regular basis.

Vidic – 7: Did little wrong.

Evra – 6: Still not back to his best, but better compared to recent performances. Perhaps could have done better before Edwin’s howler?He fought a lone battle on the left without a recognised winger.

Nani – 7: Involved in both goals. He looked the most likely and was a constant attacking threat, especially in the first half. Frustrated occasionally – wouldn’t be a Nani if there wasn’t some sort of frustration. I’m being overly harsh – he was one of our better players, if not the best.

Anderson – 5.5: Anderson has the potential to be a top player. However, I’m not sure how longer the word potential can be used to describe him. His performances are no different than those I’ve seen for the last two seasons – we have seen no real signs of improvement since his first season. He hustles and bustles, but his passing is inconsistent and he offers no goal threat. He doesn’t warrant the reputation many hold him in – the hype is yet to be justified in my opinion. Anderson has plenty to prove if he is the answer to our midfield problems. I might be in the minority, but that is the way I feel. Am I wrong?

Carrick – 6: Thought he played well whilst on the pitch – made a couple of good challenges and provided a glories goal scoring opportunity for Berbatov. Disappointed he was subbed, but with Gibson replacing Giggs he was the likely option.

Giggs – 6: Was okay whilst on the pitch – couple of surging runs. Sir Alex was wrong not to have a replacement winger on the bench – considering Giggs made his first start after injury.

Berbatov – 6.5: The Bulgarian and Nani were our main attacking threat. Missed an absolute sitter from five yards out – how, I don’t know. An assist for Nani.

Hernandez – 6.5: Brilliant the new summer signing grabbed his first Old Trafford goal. He looked very lively during the first half – linking well with Berbatov. Lacked the service during a painful second period.


Gibson – 5: Made no impression. He received plenty of criticism from those sat near me – guess there is no O’Shea or Evans to blame. He is not the solution to our midfield struggles – he is a squad player at best. Eikrem or Cleverley deserve an opportunity.

Rooney & Scholes: Little influence as late substitutes. Scholes is less effective as a late replacement – he requires a period of time in adjusting to pace of a game.

Why the booing on the final whistle?

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  1. Avatar

    Agree about Gibson.. at one point towards the end I was so frustrated about him..
    Rafael was going to take a throw, and Gibson just stood there not wanting the ball, maybe he was getting ready for a shot……
    Ando deserves a 6.. he did some mistakes going forward, but all in all he did ok..

  2. Avatar

    Anderson does not deserve a 6. He didn’t find his teammates with any of his passes. He works kinda hard and is a strong and well-balanced player, but he has no end product to his game.

    Gibson, Rooney and Scholes did not justify their substitution. Neither offered anything positive.

    Evra had his best game for the season. Rio and Vida was ok. Berba had a good game, but should have scored. Hernandez was a breath of fresh air in the side in the first half, but faded after the break.

    Nani had another man of the match performance.

    What really disappointed me was that we didn’t seem to want to win the game after the equalizer. Square passes, backward passes, no or little movement, no or little initiative… shocking.

    If we can’t beat WBA at home, we don’t deserve to win the title anyway… If we get a trophy this season we should be happy.

  3. Avatar

    Thx 🙂

    Hopefully Fletcher is back, and stronger than ever next game in the CL. But even he has been a shadow of the player he was last season 😮

    Rafael was not brilliant on right back in the last game, but i think he might be our best option still. At least until/if Hargreaves comes back.

  4. Avatar

    Yeah, maybe you are right… Hargreaves would be needed in midfield at the moment anyway.

    I think Wes is a better choice than O’Shea. O’Shea has been horrible this season. Hopefully Rafael will develop in to the quality right back we badly need.

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