Paul Scholes Is Better Than Steven Gerrard


I’ve had plenty of discussions/arguments in the pub and internet forums to whom is better  – Paul Scholes or Steven Gerrard? I may be biased in my assessment but Scholes is the best English midfielder of the last twenty years.

Perhaps I’m wrong to suggest the following? The impression I gather from the media is that Gerrard is the higher rated player. Scholes is certainly not under-rated by his fellow peers; the following are comments from some of the greats of the game. We’ve all seen the quotes made by players such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry and Marcello Lippi praising the qualities of Scholes.

The attributes of both players are fairly similar (yeah Gerrard is the better tackler). The difference and determining factor is the ability Scholes has to control a game. For me, Gerrard can only play at one pace – 100mph.This is why Gerrard has struggled at International level as the pace of the game is much slower. Scholes can increase or slow down the pace of a game if and when required.

Why bring this discussion up now you may ask?

For many years I’ve heard the argument Gerrard is the better player as he puts in top performances in a weaker team – dragging Liverpool to Champions League and FA Cup victories. There is no denying Gerrard is a top quality player (I feel sick for saying that 🙂 ) but put Scholes in the same Liverpool team of the last 10-15 years and he would also be the stand out player.

However, this season it would be fair to suggest United are weaker compared to recent seasons. Yet even at 35, we’ve seen Scholes put in top performances controlling & dictating games and is at the forefront of United’s title defence. Of course Scholes has had the odd poor game; it would be foolish to expect consistently high performances at this stage of his career. Scholes has had a better season than Gerrard when Gerrard is supposed to be in his prime.

So is the argument Scholes only looks the better player as he plays in a stronger team fair?

Who is the better player? Perhaps the outcome of will be biased as more Manchester United fans are likely to read this article. I’d like to know the opinion of neutral fans?

Does Scholes receive the credit he deserves? If not, why? Is it due to his quiet family lifestyle rather than celebrity lifestyle many footballers enjoy?

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  1. Lancaster Red on

    Gerrard, see Champions League Final 2005 and FA Cup 2006. No other player in the world could have done that. Oh and Gerrard has controlled hundreds of games in his career along with carrying a poor team. Paul Scholes was and is a good player…but not good enough to do what Gerrard has done countless times.

  2. “only Liverpool fans to respond so far I see…” that’s probably because no united fan can support this argument you tool haha

  3. It’s easy when You’ve Played (Scholes) in the best team of the world for whole your career.
    If one day Scholes will win a Champs League playing together with Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore’, Dietmar Hamann, Vladimir Smicer, harry Kewell, Baros, Cisse’ I could consider the idea that Scholes is better than the best midfield of the world. If one Day Paul Scholes will score a goal, He will get a penalty, and He will play a superb assist in the final of Champions League when his team are losting 3-0 I could consider than Scholes is better than the best midfield of the World.
    Simply rubbish.
    I could send special gifts to Paul Scholes: Lucas Leiva, N’gog, Insua, babel.
    Scholes could play with these team mates and so He will prove that is the best midfield in the world.

  4. Jason Freeman on

    We’ll have to wait and see about that when Gerrard hangs his boots up.

    Scholes has been better over his career in my opinion than Gerrard has so far in his. If Gerrard is still doing what he does when he’s 35 then maybe we’ll have to re-evaluate.
    Scholesy does his talking on the pitch, i’d forgotten how his voice sounded until he got interviewed on Saturday.

    “Without any doubt the best player in the Premiership has to be Scholes… He knows how to do everything.” – Thierry Henry

    “Paul is always so in control and pin-point accurate with his passing—a beautiful player to watch.” – Sir Bobby Charlton

    “an all-round midfielder who possesses quality and character in abundance.” – Marcelo Lippi

    All these quotes are FACTS!

  5. paul scholes is better than gearrad. one reason how many permership has we one no, and there both level on champions league one each if he had played in 1999 he would have one 2. second reason he scores all kind of goals stunning goals for the eage of the box scoring with his head arving late in the box scoring in big ganmes such as barca 2008 city on saturday . . 3 reason fabio said today he will try to talk scholse out of retierment what does tha mean for gerrad doesnt trust him want a more experience player than gerrad. also look how small he is compare to gearrd. negative about scholed cant tackel probaly everthing else prfect i . try and respond to that @ liverpool fans

  6. @rick why are you not watching your team trashing wet ham toinght to boring to watch i can here west ham fans singing cant here liverpools do

  7. I will say that football is played in team, and team mates make difference. Spending whole career in the best team of the World is irrilevant? I say “not”.
    Gerrard is a leader, an inspirational talisman; good passes, nice moves, He dribbles good with the ball, He has pace, quality, He can fill in different roles and He has reached incredible achievements with a team weaker than of Manchester United by far.
    I repeat this concept: when paul scholes will decide to play together with Lucas, Insua, Maxi, N’gog, Babel, Riera, Voronin, Josemi, Nunez, Pellegrino, Kromkamp, Morientes, Milanb Baros, Gregory Vignal, Salif Diao and Paul Scholes will get the same silverwares of Steven Gerrard with this team We could consider than Scholes is better than Steven Gerrard or maybe We could debate on this issue.
    I have an enormous respect for big servant of A CLub and certainly superb player like Paul Scholes (although I’m a massive Liverpool’s fan) excatly as a lots of United Fans feel respect for Jamie Carragher, but it’s too easy blame Steven Gerrard now, and it’s too easy define Scholes “the best” when You support the best team in the World and He plays with the best team of the World.
    And Yes, Zidane (Zidane claimed that Gerrard is the best), Messi and bla bla bla, also the dive Ronaldo should play in current Liverpool’s side.

  8. both great players but Gerrard edges it for me as he can attack and defend. But I would say they were different types of players despite playing in a similar position. It’ll be nice if in 5-10 years we’re having this argument about 2 English lads at top teams but the way the EPL is going these two may be the last top CMs we see for a while…

    And last year Zidane called Gerrard the best player in the world…. so opinions change all the time!!

  9. Gerrard and the CL Final of 2005 eh…was that the one where he was completely outplayed when starting in Central Midfield and had to be shifted wide to have any effect…

    A few points here from a big Scholsey fan….technique wise, no contest. Scholes by a mile and Stevie G even points that out in his Auto Biog from his first day with England. In terms of controlling a game and the Tempo, again Scholes is the master. Gerrard does not control the Tempo for Liverpool, that was Xabi Alonso’s job until he left. they have not replaced him and that is why they are struggling. Scholes has played almost all of his best football in a 4-4-2 a system as part of a central 2, where defensive shape and structure are vital. Gerrards best football is when he is the free man of a central midfield 3 – essentially having the freedom to do what he does best.

    Ball retention is also crucial in central midfield, very rarely does Scholes surrender possession freely. This is a big downfall of Gerrard as a central midfielder. Some of his passing is exceelent, but for every “Glory ball” that gets through to Torres (Or Owen in the past) many more go astray. Against lower level teams thats fine, you get the ball back withing 5 passes. Againts the best teams in Europe or Internationally you don’t see it for another 5 mins.

    To sum up, Gerrard is all action, high tempo, eyecatching – like a broadsword sweeping the field. Scholes is understated guile and brains, like a scalpel carefully disecting oponents with minimal fuss.

  10. Irrelevant of what you think of your hero “StevieMe” the team that plays with him is no excuse. Scholes has been an excellent all round midfielder for a long time. Gerrard hasn’t had that level of performance for so many years. I am not talking about winning trophies here, just the individual’s play. In fact, if he was playing in a inferior team, Scholes would have a much much higher profile than he already has! Scholes has not been a certain for the last few seasons now unlike “Give me the CD, la” , yet consistently puts in performances when called and still is considered by other people who have played the game a t very high level for a long time as one of the best.
    And the fact that he is a extremely nice bloke makes it easier for me to stand in his corner!
    Rick, do us a favour and put in a “world class” performance against the Chavs and we’ll nod along with what you say for a while at least. 😛

  11. Show us your medals Stevie – end of.

    Biggest tragedy ever to England was that nob Ericsson pushing Scholes to the left to accomodate Lampard and OJ which caused Scholesy to quit international football.


  12. The fact that great players have given testimony to Paul’s greatness and superhuman abilities in midfield over the years should be sufficient enough to convert what some hold as opinion to what is fact in the wider view.

    Gerrardo is by no means a slouch in his department and has had more than his fair share of top class displays over the years.

    Gerrard is a dynamic generator where Paul Scholes simply plays chess in midfield.It’s as simple as that for me.

  13. if paul scholes canme out of retirement went to the world cup i have not doubt he be first choice over gearrad whichput paul scholes better than gearrd fabio was at derby on saturday and said he was impressed by him and will try get him out of retirement . also i dont think gearrad will be at liverpool next eason he will be at inter milan what does that say about loyalty.

  14. Brian I completley agree. If scholes said to Capello I want a seat on that plain, Capello would change Englands style to accomadate scholes as we havnt and prob never will again have a player like scholes, I think I actually prefer his style and tempo now than before, very Pirlo/xavi-esq.
    As for Gerrard lets just play him wide left!!!! nuff said!!!

  15. And please stop bleating on about 2005 Jeez I know its tuff over the road but there has been hundreds of games since then and lets face it you and Gerrard have won fuck all!!! As for Scholes 3 league titles FA cup 2 x carling cup !1 x champions league 1x world cup 2x charity xhield have i forgot owt! lol scholes is a Legend Gerrard needs to leave Pool to become one,,,,,,and hes shit for England!

  16. agree @ s7elace gearrad should leave liverpool. he only looks good cos of torres. torres left this season and gerrad stayed he would be average player. the only he would look a world class player if he went to an outside top four team like spurs. if we went spurs he might even be a better player as he is now cos there now persure on him for challlenging for the league. scholes is the best mildfielder in england enough said

  17. If scholes is better, why does gerrard have far more individual honours than Scholes? Check Wikipedia to see! These awards are given out to who (people think) is the best player….

  18. Jamie Carragher on

    Paul Scholes is a better player than Gerrard, he has been the no1 player on fergies team sheet for over 10 years, Scholes could play in any league with his passing ability, Gerrard is a quality player but is so over rated when he has a average game which does my swede in. England were stupid not putting him in centre mid and shoving him on the left wing.

  19. Scholes is, aslways has been and always will be miles better than Gerrard!
    Gerrard is nowhere near Scholes’ league and everyone knows it! such an embarrassment to compare Gerrard to one of the greatest player to ever grace the game! idiots!
    Scholes is the best player in English football history! he has so much technical ability! he is so gifted!
    Gerrard is just a good, hard worker with a powerful shot!
    (Scholes also has a powerful shot)
    no comparison!
    Scholes wins… easily!

  20. Gerrard is the better footaller without doubt.

    He could play any position on the pitch, bar goalkeeper, and excel in it and his ability to dominate and positively change the outcome of games is legendary.

    Scholes is unquestionably a superb player but falls a good way short in comparison to Gerrard.

  21. 1st of all i am a man utd fan for the past 20 years. I’ve watched throughout the 90’s and 2000’s and without a doubt STEVEY G is the better player by some distance. I’ll even go so far as to ask HOW CAN YOU MENTION PAULS NAME IN THE SAME BREATH AS STEVENS. Utd fans tend to be extremely biased. Give credit Where credit is due. Steven is a natural leader and No amount of league medals can compensate for that. Dont get me wrong paul is a gr8 player. Come on ppl start watchin football and not just utd. Once again I’m a man utd fan and always will be but I’m also a fan of the game. Man utd will really give me hell if i were to talk abt current squad and the supposiddly talented youth. Carrick fletcher BEBE gibson evans oberton must go. Rubbish players. And in what universe is gibson a replacement for paul scholeS, lets stop being biased and stop praising rubbish players. Get rid of those players and build on what we have. I welcome Young with open arms. Long live utd.

  22. Y do liverpool fans talk only about that one Champions League final. He DIVED under the slightest touches. LFC fans are deluded. Scholes is far better than SG

  23. Paul scholes is truly brilliant, a master class of football. The way he can make a goal out of literally nothing is remakable, when Gerrard gets a 50 yard pass the commentator goes wild, when scholes does a 60 yard pass it’s like “meh he gets them all the time” His shots are brilliant, his technique is sublime his vision is phenomenal, there reallyt is’nt much wrong with him.

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