Paper Talk: Big Bad Retires, Berbatov To Shine and Ozil…


Brown Retires From International Football article: Wes explains England decision

After being selected in Fabio Capello’s latest England squad Wes Brown has announced his International retirement. The announcement has come as a surprise, but his decision is understandable when you consider his injury record and his omission from the World Cup squad in favour of the previously retired Jamie Carragher. Brown can now concentrate on prolonging his United career – he follows club team mates Scholes, Giggs and Berbatov.

Brown joins Paul Robinson in announcing their International retirement could be considered somewhat of an embarrassment for Capello. This will be a huge blow for the Italian as his reputation and aura (in England) has taken a battering in recent months after England’s dismal World Cup performance.

Brown made his England debut in 1999 and earned 22 caps.

Berbatov To Shine

Article from The Sun: It’s blast-off for Berbatov

Speaking after clinching the 2010 Community Shield, Sir Alex Ferguson has backed Dimitar Berbatov to shine this season. This is what Sir Alex had to say:

“He’s an important player for us. It’s an old habit when players who come to United and they’re not scoring three goals a game or making 50 passes they get slaughtered.”
I believe the much maligned Berbatov will make one or two eat their words this season… His performances during pre-season have been encouraging and hopefully an indication of what is to come. I’ve defended him when others have been overly critical – with constructive criticism such as “Berbatov is shit”. Berbatov is quite obviously not “shit” – no doubt more is required from him. Would we be happy if he scored 15-20 goals plus play a key role in others scoring?

More Ozil rumours…

Sky Sports article: Manchester United grab first prize and eye Mesut Ozil

Personally, I’ve had enough. The constant rumours linking Ozil with United is making us look desperate. I’d prefer Cleverley allowed an opportunity to impress rather than see Ozil arrive.

If you wish to discuss this issue further with myself or other members of the Stretford End Arising community, you can do so in the Forum

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  1. Avatar

    i think the ozil saga will go down to the final they with 3 or four teams bids accepted and ozil will choose. i jiust pray barca are not one of thenm

  2. Avatar

    Just heard that Barca had an 8 million pound bid accepted for Ozil…..I can’t tell you how angry I’d be if they got him for that because United had their opportunity for the last 2 or 3 weeks to make a bid but instead they were fannyin around as usual.. 8 million is nothing for a player like Ozil and I know we are in deep financial difficulty but surely we have enough money to buy him and at least another player. We made a reported 29 million pound bid for Sneijder only a few weeks ago so this just doesn’t add up… Im sure the Glazers had something to do with it…. this is yet another case of United making a balls of signing a top class player. Ridiculous.

    Chris Smalling was signed for 10 million pounds in January and I’m hearing reports that United refused to meet the 8 million pound evaluation on Ozil ! Incredible!
    As for Cleverley I don’t think there is any comparison between him and Ozil. Cleverly would certainly not be the answer to our mdfield problem. Maybe in the future but not now. If someone had told me in May that by the start of the new season United wouldn’t have signed someone I would have been shocked. Last season our weaknesses were totally exposed and a couple of good pre-season results shouldn’t paper over the clear cracks. Personally signing Ozil is a must as I cant see any decent alternatives. I truly hope we can get him as he is much needed but again I can’t see it happening :((

    Never mind Ozil or Sneijder or whoever, the best thing to happen to this club would be new owners. The Green and Gold campaign is grand but it will never force the Glazers to sell… I hope some proper action is taken against them because it continues to sicken me how people can continue to use a club, that means so much to so many people, as a bank. It is very unfair on Ferguson who is the one person that’s keeping the club together, that he somewhat gets blamed for not spending money when they aren’t giving him any…His hands are tied by them. They are incredibly disrespectful of the clubs history. Those who passed away in the Munich Air Disaster wold be turning in their graves. Im not sure how Bobby Charlton can live with it. This is more than a club.

    Missing out on player after player is starting to really annoy me and Ozil would be the latest in line. I love this club so much and Im hating what Im seeing unfolding. How can the biggest club in the world not afford someone for 8 million pounds ?

    I know this comment has dragged on but I feel really strongly about this and I hope to god that this whole mess can be resolved. We are falling furter and further behind Barca and Madrid by failing to sign players and I really hope that when the Glazers do finally leave it’s not too late.

  3. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Hello IrishManc,

    Agreed, £8m is a bargain for a player of Ozil’s ability. We perhaps may have a made a bid, but Ozil’s preferred choice is Barca – I’m speculating now. I guess if a bid was made we’ll no doubt hear about it. I thought Sir Alex denied the bid for Sneijder?

    Agree, although Cleverley and Ozil play in a similar-ish position they are both different players.

    Sir Alex seemingly has complete faith in the younger players and others in squad. I tend to agree with him to be honest – ourselves and City probably have the strongest squad. Our bench was far stronger than Chelsea’s on Sunday. In an ideal world i’d like a creative midfielder arrive, but if not I’m not overly concerned.

    If Ozil was to arrive, what position will he play? I believe he would struggle in central midfield when 4-4-2 is the preferred formation.

  4. Avatar

    i here barca have agreed a fee for ozil. but barca manger doesnt want him. aslo i here david gill said were not intersted in him. i cant find any were do did here that

  5. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Alright Brian,

    There are plenty of rumours surrounding Ozil at the moment. No one really knows what is going on – best wait and see what happens me thinks.

    Brian, would missing out on Ozil be a huge blow?

  6. Avatar

    Well Fergie may have denied bidding for Sneijder but they were certainly interested in him and Massimo Moratti confirmed this. To be honest I am not sure what to think anymore.

    I agree that Ozil may not fit in a 4-4-2 formation but teams rarely use that formation anymore. In the big games last year we played with Rooney up front on his own and used 3 centre midfielders. Personally I think for that formation to work a creative midfielder, a defensive midfielder and a box-to box player are needed. We have one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the world in Darren Fletcher and I also feel that Owen Hargreaves is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, when fit! But we don’t have a playmaker and I think Ozil would be a perfect fit. it’s interesting that we have been linked with a good few defensive midfielders lately such as Diarra, Annan and Defour. Maybe it’s due to Hargreaves injury problems.

    When you think about it if we signed Ozil for say 10 million and someone like Diarra for around 17 or 18 million we would go from having a weak enough midfield to having one of the best in world football. Imagine Diarra holding, with Fletch adding energy and Ozil supplying Wazza. It’s not that unrealistic as we have been strongly linked with both players but I can only dream really.

  7. Avatar

    yes reason why we are good enough for the prem . but for the chanmpions league no. i know your a big cleverely sanme as myself. but i jiust feel were lacking creative in middfield . as you saw on sunday scholes ran the show and rooney to. hw cant depend on does to players. for the last 3 months . this one of the worst days on the internet, its so bad i had to take break from takeing so many up and down sence 8 30 this moring please before soon on way our another hope is good news do

  8. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    @ IrishManc,

    Regarding 4-4-2 or 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation – I’m not sure of the actual stats but I reckon 4-4-2 was used more than 4-3-3. I think the same trend will follow this season, especially considering the number of forwards at Sir Alex’s disposal. We’ll use 4-5-1 in big games and latter stages of Champions League.

    Ozil is a good player – definitely a bargain at £8m-£10m – slightly over-hyped though after his world cup performances. He was inconsistent during games, he would go missing, which is to be expected for a young player.

    I’m not too worried about a defensive midfield player. Might be alone in thinking this, but I feel Gibson will be an asset this season. Gibson had his better games last season in a 4-5-1 against City and Bayern. Also feel we’ll see a return to form of Carrick.

    Personally, I have confidence in the squad. I’m not too concerned if no further signings are made. Firmly believe we’ll walk the league this season.

  9. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Alright Brian,

    Just checked Sky Sports News. They are doing a mid-week football special for Carling Cup. No news on Ozil.

    Matty James and Joshua King have scored for Preston tonight.

  10. Avatar

    Yeah I think in the home games against the weaker teams the 4-4-2 will be used but when it comes to playing someone like Barcelona or even Inter Milan I tink we would lack that bit of quality in the middle. Scholes can’t continue to be the one we rely on.

    I do agree that Ozil is a bit over-hyped because I’ve been very surprised as to why Bayern Munich haven’t come in for him considering they usually snap up the best German talent. But I do feel he’s better than what we’ve got. I still can’t work out why Barca need him.

    As for Gibson I don’t know what to think. He reminds me a lot of Frank Lampard. One thing you will get from his is goals. The Irish underage coach says that Gibsons problem is confidence and I would tend to agree but the ability is there and he has recently signed a new contract so hopefully he will come good for United and Ireland 🙂

  11. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Alright Irish Manc,

    Agree, we can’t rely on Scholes – others are required to step up.

    Last month I wanted us to sign Ozil – he will be a top player for years to come. The constant transfer speculation has annoyed me – really has put me off the transfer. I couldnt care less now if he arrived or not.

    After watching Cleverley during pre-season I really believe he will be a top player – he will add something in a three man midfield. I watched England U21 last night – Cleverley and Welbeck were very impressive. There was a hint of Beckham in Cleverley – his style of running (non stop) and his crossing was superb.

    Spot on with Lampard and Gibson comparison.

  12. Avatar

    north of brittany in france coming honme saturday only gone for a weak. brought my lap top. so i am able to kepp update. i knew somthing somthing wil happen with ozil this weak. if he is going to sign which i douth i pray it will be next weak. after wating all summer for one sign . i probaly miss it if he does sign.

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