Paper Round-up (13th Feb 2010)


Once again the papers are suggesting Vidic will leave United for Real Madrid in the summer. I won’t go into great detail regarding this situation as I have discussed this in a previous blog and will be repeating myself. With constant rumours I think its inevitable Vidic will be leaving in the summer. There is no smoke without fire in this case I’m afraid…

The papers are also reporting England manager Fabio Capello wants Sir Alex Ferguson to rest Wayne Rooney so he is fresh for the World Cup. Capello has said Rooney is in a magical moment and asked that Rooney be rested due to the fact he is playing every game

I’m sure this request was light-hearted and said in jest. I would be surprised if a man of the calibre and class of Capello would tell another manager how to run his team, especially Fergie. Perhaps his request was cheekily let known publicly… to make people aware of the situation and thereby a greater clamour for Rooney to be rested. This is Alex Ferguson though, he will only do what is best for Manchester United and we’ve seen previously he doesn’t give a jot what others think. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it ha ha.

And last, a small line on Fergie’s control over players. In Court yesterday, Rooney admitted he is only allowed a maximum of five sponsors. I laughed when I first read the story. I think its great management and shows the players who is boss.  Good old Fergie!

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  1. I really don’t want Vidic to leave .. 🙁 not atleast to Real Madrid..and well its quite unlikely Fergie will rest Rooney at this juncture..important games coming up..cant drop points anymore.. Thank God! Rooney’s sponsors sorted out..:)

  2. Stretford End Arising on

    Real Madrid will be really strong with Vidic in their defence, they will have two of our better players in recent times in their team…

    Agree about Rooney, we’ve got important games coming and every point is vital now.

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