Next Manchester United Captain?


With the uncertainty of Gary Neville’s future (yet to sign a new contract) who do you think should be the next captain of Manchester United?

The obvious candidates are:

  • Ryan Giggs
  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Patrice Evra
  • Wayne Rooney

Whilst Gary Neville has been out injured Giggs has taken over the captaincy role. In terms of seniority Giggs is without doubt the next in line to be the permanent United skipper. However, next season is likely to be Giggs’ final season, how many games will he play… it’s unlikely he’ll play every weekend. Do we want a regular captain to lead out the team on a weekly basis or are we happy to rotate the captaincy as we do now?

Without Neville or Giggs in the team Ferdinand takes over the captaincy role. A fit Rio would be my personal choice for next captain. However, there are lingering worries about the fitness of Ferdinand; we’re all aware Ferdinand has missed large chunks of this season through a back injury. A back problem is not like any normal injury, it can flare up any time and Ferdinand will have to play through pain and injury for the remainder of his career. Again, it depends on whether you feel a regular captain is a necessary or you’re happy to rotate the captaincy?

The obvious candidates for a permanent captain are Evra and Rooney. Both have virtually played in every game this season. Evra was indeed captain for the game against Aston Villa in the Carling Cup final victory. Rooney will perhaps be many people’s preferred choice, but should we lay the added pressure on Rooney or should we let him concentrate solely on his football?

What about others? Darren Fletcher?

Or perhaps you do not consider the captaincy role important? The role of football captain is nowhere near as important as a cricket captain. Is a football captain only required to toss a coin to decide which goal they attack for the first half?

Please vote in poll 🙂

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  1. not just in football, EVERY team game needs a captain..he should have the commanding power as well as respect from team mates..we have had captains like cantona ,keano who were fantastic for this team..after keano we didnt have any exceptional and neville were current team ,we dont have enough natural leaders except rooney.but as you said we dont want to add anymore pressure on his football atm.evra did well as a captain against Wolfsburg in CL and against villa in cup final.he is fit all the time and he can play each and every game for this club.the only weaklink he possess atm is that he rarely talks on that pitch and that should be improved..

  2. Jason Freeman on

    I’d give it to Evra or Fletcher, someone who’s got years left in the game and is rarely injured. Evra only ever misses a game if he’s suspended. He’s one of our most consistent players too. He also won his first trophy as captain in the League Cup last month. And Fletch is already the captain of Scotland and becoming one of our most important players, he’s also got many years left in his career.

  3. Jason Freeman on

    Both players also love to do a lot of work and run forward and that could be very inspiring for the team.

  4. in this current situation i’ll go with era for his experience and his quality on the pitch..i dont think fletch is still not matured enough to be like keano even though he shows good similarity in his services on the pitch with the great

  5. Jason Freeman on

    Keano became captain at 26. Fletch is 26. I think he can do it but considering Evra has been the captain of a few games this season, he will probably get it. And I see no reason why he shouldn’t get it. It should be one of these 2 though in my opinion. But if Rio can stay fit for the rest of the season, then it should go to him.

  6. i was pointing out the maturity of fletcher as a captain..he doesn’t possess that commanding power to be honest, just like keano showed few years ago.well, its hard to get something like that in the near future.fletch’s a big player for us and he’s doing well atm.but as far as i’m concerned Evra can become a top captain for this club..plays every game,has enough experience of playing big tournaments for his national team and he has commited his future to this club..then why not?

  7. Its all about his leadership was a huge surprise when keano arrived manchester from nottingham one wasnt aware of his quality.then he went on to become one of the greatest captains of all time.i know its hard to get a replica figure of his at OT..fletch is miles away from keane when it comes to captaincy.but 2 or 3 years you never know,may be he can develop that part of his game as well..then he surely can grab this position

  8. worriedturkey on

    man utd are full off captains as all great sides are,no one really looks up to anybody they all respect each other knowing that everybody knows there job,once one has tossed up and picked direction the captains job is done as such,only because this is a team full of leaders because they are all winners,unlike chelsea who for some reason or other do look to terry when things are going wrong…!!


    Captains have traditionally been defenders, but i think rooney would be great in a few years. At this point united seems to share the captaincy anyway but how about someone like vidic? ferdinand is good but he may be getting on a bit, evray would be good but doesnt seem like much of a leader… Possibly evans in a few years? hes young, and a solid player for united. But id stick with someone like vidic for the next season or 2 etc. what do u think?

  10. greenandgold on

    We need another Buchan, Robbo or Keano: Not just someone who is given the captain’s armband but leads the charge on the pitch and does what he has to do (like hitting Gordon Hill… Great days!)… A great United skipper needs to be a rock (Buchan, Bruce, Robson) and an inspiration (Cantona, Keane, Bobby, and Robbo again)… Giggsy, bless him, is coming to the end of a magnificent career… But out of that other lot mentioned, I can only think of Wayne who is any sort of real inspirational player… Who knows, the captaincy might be just the thing Wayne, and United needs?

    See you in Hell, Glazer!

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