Munich Memories of A Manchester Lad – Part 6


By Worried Turkey.

Wednesday 19th Feb 1958

Tonight we faced Sheffield Wednesday in the 5th round of the F.A Cup. Sir Matt and the great Dunc were still fighting, but after the positive earlier bulletins, Dunc had slightly relapsed (again – he’s too big, too strong and he’ll be back – I knew it).

Believe it or not I was dreading the first game after Munich. I ran home from school with less enthusiasm than previously… My mam said it was okay for me to go while blue shite (dad) tried to stop me. After eating a jam butty, I started to get ready. “What is this? No, no – my bob hat HAS BEEN WASHED!!!”  Well you know what wool is like after being washed – three sizes too small. Now the hat was just like Frank Lampard hitting a penalty – no good! I couldn’t go to United without my bob hat, not my lucky hat. More importantly this was the hat, which was knocked off my head by Pegg – this was part of me and Manchester United. That was it, I was adamant I wasn’t going without my hat!

I argued with my parents for an age – my Unc turned up as he became fed up of waiting for ME, for a change. “Come on our kid, I’ll buy you a new hat at O.T.” Unc said. Would I move? No way! I wanted that hat, the hat I wore to the last and every game I had attended. Would it fit? Would it b*ll*cks! There was no way I was moving, I cried… and cried. THIS WAS MY UNITED BOB HAT! It had been with me from day one, it had been hit (via shots) by Pegg and Dunc. The hat Bobby (Charlton) had ruffled when I got his autograph, as had Coleman and Byrne. I’d even wore the hat when kissed by a Spanish Senorita (when Man United faced Real Madrid in European Cup), but in all honesty she sounded more Mancunian than Spanish. Unc gave an ultimatum “you’ve got five minutes to decide. You’re either coming or I go alone, I cannot wait any longer”. “No” I replied, “I have to wear my hat, I’m not going without it!” The hat would easily have fitted inside my pocket, but I needed to wear it…

Would it fit, would it hell… Would I go!?! Did I really want to without some of my hero’s….

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