Munich Memories of A Manchester Lad – Part 5


By Worried Turkey.

Things were slightly returning to normal – on the Monday I had been forced to attend school and Unc returned to work.

Once school had finished (for the day) I rushed home and waited for the latest news bulletin (usually 4 o’clock) to know the condition of Dunc and Sir Matt. After listening to the bulletin I’d run (like bloody hell) to where Unc worked and waited outside the factory gates for the hooter to blow. Work finished leading to hoards of workers exiting the double gates. Thankfully Unc knew where I stood, otherwise he’d never had seen me through the masses of people. Unc ran over desperate for the latest news, “no news, Unc. No change” was my reply. Faces around were waiting expectantly – the news spread like wildfire through the crowd and there was a collective sigh of a relief. The word Duncan was on everybody’s lips, things like: “the lad’s a fighter” “big Dunc never been beaten by anybody” “he’ll get up tomorrow and ask who we’re playing”. It is strange how little things stick in your mind, but it is the little things like that, which gave you hope. Well if grown men thought he’d be alright, as a little kid I’m not going to doubt them. This went on all week and we even had one bulletin that was looking favourable for Dunc… Through all this, Sir Matt had fallen in & out of his coma. He was the person we were most concerned about. Bobby Charlton had slight injuries and spent a period in hospital being monitored, but was okay.

As we guessed, Manchester United were given dispensation from playing their league and cup games. It was later announced United were to face Sheffield Wednesday in the cup on Wednesday 19th. In some ways I could wait (we wanted Dunc playing and Sir Matt in the dugout), but in other ways people wanted the return of football – going to watch the reds. It was going to be difficult to string together a competitive team, but we were Man United and whoever turned out for us would try their heart out… wouldn’t they…?

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