Munich Memories of A Manchester Lad – Part 3


By Worried Turkey.

In Part 2, Worried Turkey explained how he and his Uncle slept downstairs (in chairs) waiting for news, and how his Gran took the unusual step of allowing him to miss school.

February 7th 1958

Unc and I were outside Old Trafford (to this day I don’t remember the journey, nor does Unc). We sat outside the ticket office (waiting for news) for what seemed an eternity. Unc had his arm around my shoulder squeezing me like a tube of toothpaste. People were walking around like zombies; one man had a cigarette in his mouth and one in each hand. The silence was eerie. Nobody spoke, you didn’t have to. Nothing was real…My scarf was wet. I’d been crying, but never realised. Then someone came out of the offices with a piece of paper and read out the latest bulletin. People gathered more in hope and expectation than anything…

After the bulletin Unc brought me to the chippy and bought me a bag of chips. For some strange reason each chip felt like the size of a cucumber as I struggled to swallow. We returned to the ticket offices and waited for further news. The next bulletin was similar to the first – more would be known in the next 24 hours and when relatives had been informed. “Come on, we’re going home” Unc said. As we were leaving I noticed a group of people with sleeping bags and candles. They were actually going to stay all night! The weather was so cold, they were true reds… One day (I thought to myself) I will be a true red!!!

At home we gathered outside Mrs Grimshaw’s house. She was a great old lady and one of the rare people that owned a television. The cold weather was no bother, she opened her window and parted the curtains allowing anyone to look in and listen. As I stood outside on tiptoes trying to see the latest news on telly, Mrs Grimshaw brought me a cup of hot beef tea. What a great community I lived in! Nobody had a great deal, but what we did have was shared during hardships. This was the warmest I’d been all day (body wise), but felt so cold and numb inside. Things could only get better… but did they……

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