Munich Memories of A Manchester Lad – Part 2


By Worried Turkey.

My Uncle was struggling, more than I was. He had supported United for years, whilst I was only child (though red mad), so never understood the full seriousness of the situation. I waited up that night for as long as possible. I stayed at Gran’s with Unc, not for Unc’s sake, but my own – I needed someone to understand. My dad was a blue sh*t, what did he know about football?? In the space of a few hours I’d grown up. Emotions don’t normally come to kids (only as an excuse to get what they want), but I was very emotional on that night.

Waiting for bulletins was awful, nobody knew what to say. The latest bulletin informed us another player had died – if I remember correctly it was Liam (Whelan). Oh no, was he good or was he good… then we got a call to go around Geoff’s (sorry Geoff can’t remember your surname), he had a television and the first pictures were coming through… It was horrendous (seemed worse as the pictures were in black and white). Coming away from Geoff’s it suddenly hit me… I wouldn’t see the likes of Tommy, David and Roger Byrne. Byrne was arguably the best full back I’ve ever seen. Mind you, I could be biased. How many occasions do you see somebody for the first time and think they’re great whilst everyone is of the opinion they are okay? No I’m right, he was the best!!!

Eyes are starting to close… The last thing I remember for that night was the time being 12 o’clock with myself and Unc in the front room. He was crying his eyes out (soft so and so!!!). I then realised a pillow which had been placed underneath me (as I drifted off to sleep) was drenched. Unc realising I had woken pulled himself together and said “you okay now, you’ve been crying and praying for Dunc”. In no way am I religious (strange considering I’m a Manchester United fan). Anyway, that is where we remained for the full night (you could say my first all nighter!!!) just listening to radio bulletins. The next morning Gran allowed me stay home rather than go to school. Shows how serious the situation was – the last time I was allowed to miss school was… eerrmm. I’d never been allowed. Unc didn’t go to work so we sat and sat and waited….

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