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    Jonny Evans to leave in the summer?

    Could well be used as part of the deal to get stones to utd.
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    Fellaini at 9 or 10

    Played that position for everton and was always a handful so why not, do you think that was lvg's suprise striker.
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    Was David Beckham world class?

    Yep I'd go along with that.
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    Evra accuses Suarez of making racist remarks

    He will go along the lines that what he said means something totally different in Uruguay than what we think it means.
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    Was David Beckham world class?

    I'd say becks played in a different role to what Zidane did, Beck was world class in terms of his crossing and free kick taking.
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    Nani | Match Peformance Thread

    Was a fantastic goal far better than ronaldo's free kick.
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    Rooney the midfielder

    Although both are quality players we need a creative player in midfield alongside any of the defensive midfielders we have.
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    Federico Macheda

    I think he needs a change a scenery either in a loan or permanent move, he surely must be getting even more frustrated knowing that Welbeck is now in front of him in the pecking order.
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    Evra accuses Suarez of making racist remarks

    If he did say anything Suarez cannot use the excuse of a language barrier, if he said anything he surely knew the context he was saying it in.