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    Manchester City Discussion 2021/22

    Loosing 2-0. Disaster
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    What needs to change?

    That’s what I was thinking
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    Mino Raiola

    Yes very young and sympathies to his family and friends
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    Harry Maguire | Match Discussion thread 2021/22

    There are no words for some people. Utterly disgusting
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    Erik ten Hag named new United manager

    Well now to the rebuild. We’re in for the long haul and I hope there is patience for the project ahead.
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    Premier League 2021/22: Liverpool vs Man Utd ~ Tue 19th Apr 8pm KO

    The joys of having a new baby meant I completely missed the match :)
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    Race For Top Four 2021/22

    Great day for us. Another season where no one wants the fourth spot. It’s a shame we can’t rely on our performances
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    Premier League 2021/22: Everton vs Man Utd ~ Sat 9th Apr 12.30 KO

    You can just imagine Everton having a performance against us.
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    Race For Top Four 2021/22

    Arsenal chalked off another win against Villa.
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    Race For Top Four 2021/22

    And it’s not even in our own hands.
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    Race For Top Four 2021/22

    I think Arsenal have the wind in their sails. I really can’t see them messing this up. They have been consistent for quite some time and with that breeds confidence
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    Race For Top Four 2021/22

    Big win for Arsenal coming from a goal down