Manchester United – Paper round-up


Manchester United are involved in three stories in the Sunday newspapers. Apparently Sir Alex Ferguson is interested in the signature of Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribéry, Jose Mourinho is to snub Manchester City in favour of the hot seat at Old Trafford and Darren Fletcher is to be offered a new contract.

With United set to face Bayern in the Champions League this week we have unsurprisingly been linked with a summer move for Ribéry. Whether it is the press adding one and one together and finding five, I don’t know… Fergie was probably asked which of Bayern’s players he admired.

There is no doubting Ribery’s quality; he would certainly add something to our squad/team. I wouldn’t say no to his arrival at Old Trafford. Would you?

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, it has been rumoured since last summer that Ribéry has signed a pre-contract agreement with Real Madrid. To be honest, I’d be very surprised if Ribéry is not a Madrid player next season.

Jose Mourinho will apparently reject the advances of Manchester City to become the next United manager after Fergie retires.

To me, this gives an indication to what Mourinho is about. Rather than become manager of the noisy neighbours (where he could name his price) Mourinho would rather come to a club with tradition and history.

The pressure on the next United manager will be massive. I feel Mourinho is one of the few current managers to have the personality to succeed Fergie. My only worry of Mourinho is the style of football he prefers to play, it will be different to the attacking play we have enjoyed under Fergie. Would you be happy with Mourinho as the next manager?

If there is anyone at United that deserves a new contract at Manchester United it is Darren Fletcher. Early in his career Fletcher was heavily criticised, there were suggestions he wasn’t United quality and that he shouldn’t be starting games. However, in the last 18 months or so Fletcher has turned himself into a top player.

Fletcher would probably admit he isn’t as talented as say a Paul Scholes (who is..? Scholes in my opinion is the best English midfielder of the last twenty years) but Fletcher’s role in the team is different, he is in the mould of a Roy Keane or Gennaro Gattuso.  Fletcher brings energy to the midfield, harassing the opposition at every opportunity and the creativity he can offer is underrated in my opinion. Some still criticise Fletcher, which I really fail to understand. Can someone explain why?

Darren Fletcher has turned himself into a big match player.

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  1. Aners Hellberg on

    I personally would not like to see J Mourino at OT, his style of play is not the Man U way of playing the game. I would like David Moyes or Pep Guardiola to run the club until Giggs has done his managerial duties at some other club/clubs and then return to his home

  2. Jason Freeman on

    I don’t want Mourinho, I like him but I’d rather see someone British or connected with the club become the manager. Can’t see Guardiola leaving anytime soon unless he gets pushed out which seems unlikely with how well they seem to be doing under him. Moyes, Solskjaer, Blanc, Hughes, O’Neill are my list of candidates.

    On the Ribery situation, I wouldn’t be bothered if he didn’t come, not seen much of him so don’t know too much about him. If Fergie wants him, i’ll go along with it. With Giggs and Scholes’ careers coming to an end maybe he could be a good buy. I’m happy with the team as it is to be honest, but if Fergie thinks Ribery will make us stronger then i’ll be happy. In Fergie I Trust.

  3. well frist the frank ribery story i cant see it happeing number he asid ribery dream is to spain. second i think he perfer to sing david villa cos he doesnt get injured. 3 point ribery is always getting injured. 4 point is he past he dosent look the same palyer as he wsas last year but if we got i would happy as long as we sing a big name player in the summer. mourhino would my chioce reports in spain last weaks saying he is going to real madrid but i say he will stay with milan cos i think milan are better than madrid cos there is less presser from the persdeint .

  4. guardual was a suprised choice from barca but he has proved everone wrong. it is an odd one he only singed a one year contarct does suggest that fergie is retering next year intersting. as for giggs i think he will be the next manger of walse jiust like mark hughes started out you never know for then on if he does well at walse whos know as for scholes he is to ouiet he would not be able for interviews and giving players to nice of guy jiust like zola in many ways look whats happeing him now so advice scholes maybe coaching youngsters is for the futre toores jiust for liverpool .

  5. Jason Freeman on

    I hope Giggs is the next Welsh manager. Anyone but that awful scouse idiot Toshack. Can’t stand the bugger.

    Now I didn’t know that Ribery was injury prone before I wrote the comment above so now I don’t want him at all. If we’re going to spend big money on players we have to spend it on fit players and not do what Liverpool did and spend £20m on Aquilani when he’s not even that good and is always injured. We got Michael Owen even though he was a bit injury prone but we didn’t pay anything for him. And he scored some vital goals for us.

  6. ya ribery is missing a lot games this year trough injury . i watch a lot of german football and he hardly ever plalys sometmes he is on the bench and then comes on like he fdid yesterday. but having said if a palyer is not happy a club he do anything to try an get away from that club. we all will find out on tuesday jiust how good he real is. also if you remeber back to when we playe bayern in a friendly he was injered. so i dont think he be a good sing either we need some young like milnner or silva.

  7. Jason Freeman on

    Well I think he’s been playing since January but i’m not sure. I know Robben’s a doubt, that is all. Apart from those 2 and Toni, I don’t know who plays for Bayern. Is Schweinsteiger still there. I’m going to check wikipedia.

    Ah, Toni is on loan. Not a bad side. Nothing much special, I wouldn’t trade any of them for one of our players but then I haven’t seen many of those players play since Euro 2008.

  8. Ribery suffers from tendenitis of the knees. subject closed! Fletcher is a legend so much so Im thinking of having his name on next seasons shirt! depending on who we sign of course lol. And our next manager?, JM thinks hes already got the job! what happened to interviews and project plans. WE pick our manager they dont pick us! Jose no thanks you already think your bigger than the club it would be a unhappy but prob productive marriage plus you want to manage in spain. Fo me guys look no furthjer than Moyes. Hes passionate brings through youth (and bloody good kidstoo ie Rooney, rodwell, gosling) his players will die for him he has a good eye for a player and hopfully afroman will follow him to give our CM some competiton. and hes loyal and hes friends with SAF this will happen i cant see any other way maybee with giggs/soljksiar/G.Neville as assistent or deffo in coaching roles.

  9. Possibly? Also its why I think J Rodwell will take to the theatre of dreams prob next season. when Moyes arrives. Look Moyes loves Rooney he was just gutted he left but Respect to Everton he always would. He will be Fergie mark 2 just prob needs to learn huge European Tactics and pressure when he does I feel he will be great for this club

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