Manchester United – a one man team?


Since the defeat against Everton in which Rooney under-performed I’ve heard a lot of nonsense uttered on the television and radio. The suggestion is United are only a one man team – if Rooney has a poor game United will lose the said match. What complete rubbish and totally unfair on Everton and the other United players.

We had a similar accusation last season but this time the player in question was Cristiano Ronaldo. Surely we were a two-man team if Rooney also played last season..? It was our defence which won us the league last season not necessarily Ronaldo. This season we’ve our defence has been crippled with injuries, I heard a stat the other day that Rio and Vidic have only played four games together, is this true? Not forgetting we have also missed Edwin Van de Sar and John O’Shea for most of the season as well. That we are still competing for the league title after the injuries we have suffered further illustrate what a great manager Sir Alex Ferguson is.

What about the merits of the other players? Fletcher is having his best season for us. Evra has been a constant performer offering a real attacking threat down the left.  After a slow start to the season Carrick has performed well in recent months. The old stagers in Giggs and Scholes have had their moments and Valencia has chipped in with a number of assists and goals.

I get the feeling since Ronaldo’s departure the press have been desperate for us to fail. They can all tell us “I told so” referring to their pre-season predictions that United would struggle. The fact United have done better than most thought has probably miffed the press a tad. I wouldn’t be surprised if the press had articles pre-written articles from the summer saved on their PC or laptop about the demise of Manchester United since the departure of Ronaldo.

You probably can tell this has somewhat angered me. No doubt Rooney is our best player and is an important cog in the wheel of the make-up of the team.  No team is solely a one man team; I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life.

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