Luka Modric To Manchester United?


By Ben Davis

BBC Sport Transfer gossip column has reported Manchester United are willing to exchange one of three players plus cash to entice Harry Redknapp in to selling Luka Modric.

Considering Luka Modric has recently signed a contract extension with Tottenham Hotspur, this transfer is an absolute no go in my opinion (regardless of money). Has there been a player signing a new contract then immediately move to another club? Perhaps a handful of players but the situation is surely rare? Modric will not be leaving Spurs this summer.

According to the poll run on Stretford End Arising, Modric seems a popular choice amongst the midfield options to add spark in attack. I had my doubts surrounding due to his size (coping with physical demands of Premier League football) but was impressed with his performance levels during the tough end Spurs had to their league campaign. However, I will be very surprised if Modric is a United player this summer, if at all. If wrong I will hold my hands up.

What do you think?

Will Modric become a Man United player this summer? If not Modric, which player should Sir Alex Ferguson sign to add creativity? Do United require a creative midfielder?

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  1. Pfft

    You think Illegal Tapper Upper In Chief Alex Ferguson respects contracts

    He will continue using his media friends to tap up players like Carrick, Berbatov, Ferdinand, Bale, Modric and Rooney until he gets what he wants

  2. Peter4Spurs on

    The rumour mill is rife at this time of year with so called journalists trying to be the one who broke the ‘big’ story, obviously this writer will not be that one. Modric stated when he signed a new contract he was happy to stay at Spurs despite being aware of other big teams seeking his services. But then when does what a person say ever stop a wally trying to grab the headlines with made up rubbish?

  3. 1 billion in debt haha on

    What part of just signed a 6 yr contract dont you lot understand, he doesn’t want to sign for your corrupt soon to be bankrupt evil empire, pretending to be a “football club” more like Walmart go team ManUSA.

    Your all blinded by arrogance cant handle it when a player snubs you. That was a lovely snub by Luka Magic good man Luka.

    Berbaflop and Carrick have worked out well havent they?



  4. Has fergie tried to tap him up? Stretford end arising you obviously don’t get a program on match day. Fergie wrote a whole paragraph on how wonderful modders is when we were up at your place last month.

  5. well thats a load of rubbish modric jiust singed a six year deal. why would we leave tomaz go we would be down to 2 keepers. plus we are broke did people not here the bbc repeort were in debt 1. 1 billion it will be confrinmed on bbc two toinght at elevn o clock.

  6. its all bullshit, modric has just penned a new deal and is not worth upto 3 players and cash anyway.

    fergie never wanted him, it was media crap….fact.

    i would rather keep carrick, anderson adn our future number 1 in kuszczak as they belong at united.

    dont beleive everything you read.

  7. Hi Stretford End Arising,

    Firstly, its great to see you trying to have a valid discussion. I’m disappointed some of my fellow Spurs fans get so worked up over nothing.

    Secondly, is it merely coincidental that the advertising banner at the top of your blog is advertising help with debt problems? Perhaps you should pass their details on to David Gill! 😉

  8. The story may have substance – but it is not feasible. This quote is from Luka, himself, upon signing his new contract LAST WEEK:

    “Yes, there have been enquiries from other big clubs, but I have no interest in going anywhere.

    “Last season’s top four finish was an indication of where we are as a club and I feel I can continue to improve and go on to achieve everything I want to at Spurs.”

    Frankly, Man U fans should be glad that Luka is staying put. Not that he wouldn’t be a vast improvement on Anderson, whom I see Fergie is happy to fob off on us – but with Luka in our side, we were able to keep Man City and Liverpool OUT of the “top 4”, which I thought all Stretford Enders would be glad to see continuing in 2011.

    He means as much to us as Rooney does to you – and I don’t see Fergie offering us Rooney in exchange.

    Besides, he has his Croatian mates at the club and is a hero to the Club’s fans. He will have also seen what has happened to Berbatov, once his head was turned by Fergie…a shadow of the player he was for two years at Spurs.

    You might be better off targeting Andrei Arshavin – another attacking playmaker – who scores more frequently than Modric. This would hurt Arsenal, which, in turn, would make Spurs fans very happy, as well as giving Man Utd a seriously creative spark in the final third of the park.

  9. Fergie’s eyes are too big for his belly.In the past MAN.U.have been able to pick and choose where and who they raided from other clubs notably Spurs,BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!!
    The biggest clubs in the premiership are not the ones who owe the most money.Man United and Liverpool are on the elevator going down.Spurs and are passing them on the way up.Fergie still likes to talk big but his club no longer has the appeal or the money to bully their way into the top of the premier league.His desire to get the likes of Modric are just hot air and wishful thinking

  10. Modric is a good player and I could see him adding to the United midfield but I would prefer a player either to come through our youth like Tom Cleverly who had a great season at Watford or a player with european experience like Krasić who has a good goal return for a midfielder of 1 in 5 played well against us and is available, wants to play for us and will cost no more than 15million

  11. i herd today dirra is a done deal for 27 million. how can we efford that when broke. if we did have 27 million why used on dirra why not by david silva. dont make sence to me

  12. dont realy no . byt they get of other papers. they said the marca was there.. what i think is a good source is when every news paper and sky sports news has it. thats when i beilve it. we jiust have wait and see. i rather see us buy david silva with that 27 million

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