Legends: Ken Morgans


By Worried Turkey.

During the 57/58 season Ken managed to force his way into the first team. He was the youngest player to die on that fateful day, he was also the last to be found, two German reporters went back while the plane was blazing and found ken under one of the wheels. He was taken to hospital and didn’t come round till the Sunday (3 days later). Ken was only 18 and although his injuries were minor (compared to others) he had lost ten pints of blood but injuries to his mind were major. Ken was an up and coming footballer, a player Sir Matt had great faith in, with him once saying Dunc, Ken, Bobby and co would be the core of the United team and the future of British football.

Kenny only played 23 games for United and never scored, he was a tricky winger and fast. Sir Matt had a thing for fast tricky wingers and Kenny was no exception. His first game was against Leicester in 57, 3 or 4 days before Christmas. The reason his debut sticks in the mind as at first nothing seemed to go right for him, until… United had a corner. I saw big Dunc have a word in Ken’s ear. Instead of swinging the ball into the box (as every corner was in those days) Kenny played the ball to Dunc on the edge of the box. As the defence went for Dunc, he rolled the ball back to Kenny, who put a peach of a cross over for Viollet and within an instant the ball was nestling in the onion bag. Everybody ran across to Kenny (not normally done) to thank him. God did he blush, but after that he was a different player. Just one of my little memories, one player we definitely did not see the best of, because the potential was there… You don’t have to believe me… Sir Matt said so…..

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