Legends: Johnny Berry


By Worried Turkey.

Johnny Berry was a natural right winger, he was fast and direct, although not a frequent goal scorer during his spell at Manchester United (45 goals in 276 games) he scored some important goals. Berry was an unselfish player, capable of spotting a team mate in a better position with others often benefiting from his good work. He was only small – 5ft 6inches (if memory serves me correctly) and only 10 stone wet through (hope the lack of metric measurement is not too complicated… ha ha).

Berry was a regular in Man United’s team for six seasons but was starting to lose his place to Ken Morgans. Johnny begin his career at Birmingham City, he came to Sir Matt’s attention after he ripped United to pieces. Sir Matt stated, “no matter how long or how much, he was going to get Berry”, it took a while but he eventually got his man. What a buy he turned out to be, he was a cracking player and a crowd favourite. Of the modern era I would suggest Kanchelskis was the nearest to Berry. I remember on one occasion asking for his autograph (outside player’s entrance) he looked up, pointed and said “there’s the lad whose autograph you really want, not mine. It will be worth something one day.” When I looked up, he was pointing to none other than Bobby Charlton. I still made him sign though, I wanted his autograph.

Injuries sustained in the Munich air disaster brought an end to his football career (age 31). When Berry woke after the crash he suffered from amnesia so was unable to remember anything about the incident. In fact, it took a month for him to discover what had happened and that was due to reading a newspaper. As a result of his injuries Berry spent 2 months in hospital – he had a broken jaw (all teeth had to be removed while work was done on jaw), broken elbow, broken pelvis and a broken leg. The modern player only has to suffer a cut nowadays and they miss two games…

Johnny berry died in 1994, he was the first surviving player of the Munich air disaster to die… I remember Berry, so till I die, he won’t… Thanks for the memories…..

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  1. i was at more house boarding school in frensham surrey ‘ and johnny berry was our football coach ; i can still picture him even now i remember he had a really hard kick ;and because i played right wing he spent a lot of time coaching me . once after an away match he said to the team for about 15 minutes you reminded me of the babes . so thanks johnny for the fond memories

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