Legends: David Pegg


By Worried Turkey.

David Pegg made 148 appearances for Manchester United scoring 28 goals. He was one of the eight players to tragically lose their lives in the Munich Air Disaster.

At just 22, David Pegg had amassed an incredible 148 games for United and had already received International honours (1 cap) for England. Pegg was an elegant, graceful left-winger with a precise cross and had knack of escaping the attentions of his markers. He also possessed a powerful shot which provided him with 28 goals. Pegg was a ball playing winger, fullbacks found him hard to mark as he had a habit of dropping a shoulder and jinking inside as he glided towards goal.

He was a player I could watch and wonder how he had left his full back for dead, at 22 he wasn’t as big as some of the other players but again typical of a Busby player a) he was fit, capable of running all day b) he was skilful and c) he had humility – Pegg was another who would stop and talk to fans. I remember on one occasion Sir Matt had to drag Pegg, Dunc and Eddie Colman from outside the player’s entrance as the trio were busy signing autographs and talking to realise kick off was only 45 minutes away! I’ll not forget Sir Matt saying: “David would have been a great asset to any team because he was a natural, left-flank player. David was very, very clever. Our best left-winger by a mile.”

I’d like to share a little story. Just a few weeks after my first visit to Old Trafford, United played Birmingham in an FA Cup semi final and won 2-0. Two days later Man United took on Bolton at home (they moan nowadays if they have to play within three days), couldn’t wait – rattle, scarf and bob hat ready and I was off. My first night match, the atmosphere was tremendous. The fifty five thousand was there from my first game but tonight there was over sixty thousand. The noise was deafening, I spent most of the night on my orange box looking around trying to soak up the Old Trafford atmosphere. Then it happened, I was located just to the right of the Stretford goal soaking up the atmosphere (mouth wide open) when all of a sudden I was knocked into the middle of next week… Edwards (so I was told later) unleashed a shot from twenty-five yards, missed the post by inches and smacked into the back of my head (never took my eyes off a game since). All I remember was David Pegg asking whether I was okay? I just looked at him and nodded. What made it worse, we lost 2-0. Did I want to go back after a night like that?!?! You bet your life I did, Pegg spoke to me!!

Was strange Peggy actually went to Partisan as he had been replaced in team by Albert Scanlon after a poor performance in a 1-0 loss to Chelsea. I look back and think it was simply a 22 year old just losing a bit of confidence… he was a really good player with plenty more to come, if only… and did I mention, he once spoke to me… I’ll never forget…

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