Krasic to Manchester United. Why?


There have been a few stories this week linking Manchester United with a move for CSKA Moscow’s Milos Krasic. In fact Krasic’s agent Dejan Joksimovic has suggested Krasic would be stupid to turn down the opportunity to represent United.

Is the signing of Krasic necessary?

I like Krasic, he is a good player and impressed in the two Champions League game this season. The question is, where will Krasic fit into the team? It would be very harsh if he was to oust Valencia from the right wing spot considering the fine season the Ecuadorian has enjoyed.

Personally, I feel other positions in the squad require reinforcing rather than sign another right winger. Surely a central midfielder is a top priority. Milner or Silva seem favourite. Can Krasic play in a central role of a three man midfield? This could be an option. Could Valencia play the same role as he performs for his country? Personally, I wouldn’t like to see Valencia play in a central role due to his weak left foot. His passing ability is limited as a result which will limit creativity from midfield. A central midfielder should be equally (or adequately) comfortable on either foot.

Can Krasic play on the left? As with Valencia the arrival of the Serbian would be equally harsh on Nani. The Portuguese is finally finding his way at United; his new found confidence is clearly visibly. Nani deserves the opportunity to maintain and further develop his form from this season.

I’m not sure why we are being linked with a move for Krasic. Why so?

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  1. kraic would be a great sing. why he can score loads of golas make goals as well. they only probelnm os he playes in the right wing. which velencia and nani are doing so well this season and could that be the end of park as well

  2. Not sure we would be buying some one like Krasic, like you said, not a position we will be looking to add to and i don’t see him bringing anything different to what we already have. Just ad lib from the agent i guess.

  3. i am not to sure but i rember when he played at old trafford he played behind the striker he was more foward. so i know he can play in two poittions but i never saw play in the middle

  4. silva. more experience has played in much bigger ganmes than krasic and he has more skill and class. how about you @ stretford silva or krasic . also did see reporsts were ben foster is colse to agteing a deal with brum for 4 million expect to be confrimed in the next few days they said

  5. i have being making out my fancy team for start of the season.
    van der sar
    rapfheal vidc evans evra
    nani flecther david silva joe cole
    rooney fabino
    i have be trying to pick out a striker but i am strugling to pick one so i have gone fo fabino cant see benzenma coming marco biollo or david villa. can anyone pick out a striker to conme to make my fancy more classy. also i might move david silva up front behind rooney and put hargo in the middel. also my second keeper would be hugo liorrs

  6. lol @ rapfheal and i wouldnt want fabiano in a million years. I cant see Hugo Lloris playing as a back up

  7. komeh kamara on

    Yes, i can say that Krasic will be a great singing for us than Silva because Krasic has more scoring skill and creating goals. So for me we have Anderson, Hargreaves, Scholes, in the middle. so why silva? tell me guys.

  8. well why dont have velencia on the right is because he is after an operation and they said he be out for the start of the season and i think nani will get of to a good start which will keep velencia out when he comes back. as for fabion i think he is a good striker but i all said help me out give me a few names and i eoild put him insteas of fabnio

  9. ya i taught dzelo did well against us in the two ganmes. i think we will cause the english centre halfs probelms. because he is big and tall. right berbatov its the sanme, butr dzeko has paste. so i would put dzeko in for fabino

  10. Still have time fr a goalie .. Can do with VDS and TK nxt season … Can look to strengthen after that. A striker is a priority but thn again, if our entire strikin lineup is fit, then I dont see the need fr tht either. In a 4-5-1, Rooney will be the lone striker but in a 4-4-2, Berba and Owen can easily play along with him. Think SAF might just change his 4-4-2 slightly inorder to accomodate Roo and Owen. With maybe Roo playin more advanced and Owen playin off his shoulder. On the wing, Valencia and Nani will be first choice in both a 4-4-2 and a 4-5-1, that is, if Valencia continues to show this remarkable form and Nani continues to improve and show that this second half of the season ws nt just an aberration. In central midfield, we have Fletch, Carrick, Hargo, Scholes, Park, Ando, Gibbo and Giggs. Now, if ALL these are fit, there is absolutely NO need to go out and buy another striker. That man, the ‘other Owen’ is such a key for us. If he stays fit (but thats a big IF btw), then there’s no one like him. He can play the anchorman in midfield in a 4-5-1 allowing us to play a more attacking lineup with possibly even the ginger prince playin in an advanced role like the days of old ! Like Nani this term, I think it will be Ando’s turn next season. The boy has got oodles of talent but shd get his head straight. Also, I want to see if Possebon can break into the team. Fantastic talent. Defence is fine but if Rio keeps gettin injured, then another center back might welll be needed.


  11. Any conventional CF we buy will have to deal with sitting on the bench for the bigger games, rather have players who can play in a withdrawn role and have pace to burn.

  12. So you all suggest we change back to 4-4-2 next season? We have never started any big game with the 4-4-2 formation, and I believe that will not change. So the talk should be who will be the attacking midfielder in our central midfield next season, rather than which striker we prefer. My opinion is that we need a 15 goal midfielder, not a new 20 goal striker. What we have currently are all defensive midfielders

  13. i would play 4 5 1 unless we buy an out and out striker who score 2o goals a season. personaly i think carrick but i dont think fergie trust him any more. he has not played sence the muinch ganme. also reports say they bookies have suspend bettings on david silva coming to man united they say united will sing him for 17 million it was 28 million yeasterday and now its 17

  14. that i dont no i try and find out more. they say spain and in english bookies have suspend betting. so probaly before the world cup. i get back if here any more news

  15. go to news,. transfer talk. then go to spain and all the spainsh teams are there you click velencia and its the trid heading

  16. I prefer silver i think he can help out in central as i see no use in buying krasic as the position he could play better we have no problem with that

  17. ya it looks a bit weird cos it is the only web site that has it and no other paper has the story. we have being linked with surazes today diarra and everton centre half

  18. russell (South Africa) on

    all the murmurs about krasic suarez and silva leads me to believe that fergie will revert to a fluid 4 -3 -3, I WISH!!!.
    suarez can play wide left (so that means rooney will never have to do it again) krazic can play wide right, silva can play both positions. all three can play in the centre behind rooney. i like the look of these types of players, players who can roam across the pitch and can fit in different formations. tactically it will make us less predictable. If only hargo can stay fit and anderson can fulfill his potential we wouldnt be worring so much about our midfield. 4 3 3
    raphael rio vidic evra
    hargo fletcher anderson
    krasic rooney silva/suarez

    with everyone else on the bench.

    this team “on paper” is strong and well balanced, we will never get overrun in midfileld and the attack has goals in it. what u guys think?

  19. russell (South Africa) on

    hi, thanks
    i believe we need to have a squad thats capable of challenging on all fronts.
    Nani and valencia have done excellent for us this season but if u analyse their performances it hasnt been consistent. with players like krasic, suarez, silva the competition for places would be healthy. and the overall consistency level of the team would not drop druing the season. i doubt SAF would buy all of them though, and i agree with you, silva is the more “safe” bet of the three as he is playing in la liga and doing really well.

    but we were not safe when we bought CR7…

    with regards to suarez, Ruud and van persie were banging in goals in holland they do just fine 🙂

    but seriously at 23, with a strike rate of a goal a game there isnt really any more he can do to get noticed, are we willing to let him go to a rival club just so that we can see if he can step up? i hope not.

    lets hope SAF has everything under control

  20. emm both of them not in man utd squad next season:

    i think this is 1st eleven man utd if SAF need next season:


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