Joe Cole to Manchester United?


On Friday, talkSPORT reported Joe Cole will sign for Manchester United on a free transfer after the World Cup. Some will be delighted while others will be disappointed.

Signing a creative midfielder with the ability Cole possesses on a free transfer is a good piece of business. Cole has Premier League experience which is an important factor. He will not require a season (i.e as Modric did) in adjusting to the pace and physical nature of Premier League football. Cole can have an immediate impact where a Silva may struggle initially.

Where will Cole fit into team?

Sir Alex Ferguson is less likely to start Cole in a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 formation. He is suited to a 4-5-1 formation playing in a three man midfield. Perhaps not a direct replacement for Paul Scholes, Cole will however play closer to the opposition’s penalty area, will add creativity to a midfield which has been lacking and is a goal threat. Cole can also play on the left.

Questions mark will surround Cole’s fitness, which I guess is fair enough considering the long injury lay off he has suffered. Especially after the recent struggles Owen Hargreaves has endured. Personally, I’m less concerned. During the second half of 09/10 season, he featured mainly as a substitute and showed no ill effects of the injury suffered.

Some will jump to immediate conclusion (similar to Michael Owen) we are signing Cole for the sole reason he is a free transfer. They may or may not have a point. However, signing someone with the qualities of Cole on a free transfer cannot be sniffed at.

In conclusion, I believe the potential signing of Cole is a smart move. Allow him the opportunity to have a proper pre-season training camp and he will be on a par with other players in terms of fitness and match sharpness. We will then see Cole return to the form he enjoyed before injury.

What do you think?

Is signing Joe Cole a good or poor addition to the Man United squad/team? Would you prefer a Milner or Silva?

Is signing another free transfer highlight financial problems at club?

Where do you see Cole fitting into team? Can he play in a 4-4-2 formation?

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  1. Why would Modric require a season to adjust to the Premier League? He has been playing for Tottenham for the past two seasons, hasn’t he?
    If you meant Silva, then I would agree to a certain degree. But, in my opinion, Silva is a class apart and would add a lot more to the team. You are comparing a player who walks into the playing 11 of one of the best national teams in the world vs a player who is struggling to make the 23 of his national squad. Silva also has age on his side. He can develop his playing style to handle the pace and physicality of the Premier League and develop into even a better player. I would spend now and go after Silva 10 times out of 10. But thats my opinion.

  2. @arijc – Joe Cole struggling to get into the England team – for one reason only mate. Not because he doesn’t have the talent, but because due to Chelski’s large pool of players who can fill his position, and his recent big injury problem he hasn’t played much. As for comparing him to MOdric, I would say he is every bit as good as Modric and especially in the big games. He only just gets back from injury, and he scores the important 1st goal at OT that set them off in regaining top spot in PL and put us 2nd. To compare him with Silva – not possible to do justly, until we see how Silva plays against the PL BRUISERS and BONECRUSHER defenders.

  3. It’d be interesting. I just can’t see it tho. I expect him to sign for Chelsea after a good world cup showing.

    Fergie likes him, and he’d suit us. Leaving Chelsea to United won’t bother anyone that much, as Cole jumped ship, and Gerrard was close to joining him. He has skill, can shoot, and is creative. Not sure that he’s what we need. I never feared him at Chelsea. Personally as a United fan I’m feeling a bit dejected with all the rumours doing the rounds, all the G+G vs Glazer/Gill stuff, and the lack of interesting signings (Hernandez will be great for us btw). What we need is a player who can get bums off the seats and make things happen Rooney/Ronaldo style, i’d even take a player similar to Saha (when fit). We look like we might be disapointing next season. I hope we make 2 signings, Cole and someone else.
    We lack a Paul Scholes too and some flair. Cole will bring it IF he comes.

  4. btw I meant “Leaving Chelsea to United won’t bother anyone that much, as ASHLEY Cole jumped ship to join them, and Gerrard was close to joining him.

    Chelsea have too many Coles, one should leave. Oh, wait Mourinho will try to get Maicon, Gerrard and Ash Cole. lol. Would be funny if Chelsea lost both Coles in the same summer!! haha.

    Does anyone else feel that it’s gonna be a season of weak signings in the premiership this summer? Chelsea may lose a few to Spain, Mourinho might go for Vidic (he said he wants 3-4 defenders (maicon, ash cole and ??), Gerrard WILL leave if Benitez only gets the 5m transfer budget the papers are saying, and City have tried Dzeko, Ibra, Toure, Higuan, Milner and God knows who else and they can’t seem to get anyone to listen.

    I fear that Fergie is right about players being priced out the market (Mourinho has commented on De Maria saying the same thing about his price) and it looks like it may be the same again next season squad-wise all round with one in, one out for most clubs. We have bought 2 kids with talent, Obertan and Gibson will push on, Kiko is back with Owen H and our defence may be settled again. Some positives to be found in that. I just yearn for a marquee signing that gets hearts racing pre-season and pulses soaring come-what-may.

  5. With re: to Hernandez, I’ve heard that he can play anywhere in a 3 man attack which suits us. He scored again against Holland. so I’m gonna raise hopes by saying he is one for the now and not the future. If this is true, where does Joe Cole fit in with Nani, Valencia, Obertan, Park, Giggs, Rooney, Owen, Kiko and Hernandez all fighting to be in a 3 man attack? Yet again lots of wingers etc but no real bite for us in the middle. As a Michael Owen type free signing I’d take him for sure.

    If we only signed him this summer though, I’d be worried unless Owen H and Carrick get back to their best. The problem with a 4-3-3 is that you need 3 outstanding midfielders and we only have one who can play week in week out, (fletch) and an aging Giggs/Scholes. We could do with a tireless becks or a xavi in the centre to play a killer counter-attack pass. I like De Cesare but can’t see it happening.

  6. fergie tried to sing joe cole when he was 15 years of age. so ferie does like the player. renmber micheal owen know one excpeted us to sing him looked what happend he singed. fergie always shock fans wth sing this will be another one

  7. I would give Hargreaves, Cole and fletcher a go as we would have 2 DM’s to protect the defence but as is always there are doubts about Hargreaves long term fitness. Might work with Carrick too.

    Rumours are in spain that we have bid £17 mill for Yaya Toure. I don’t read much into this, but it would likely hint at hargreaves or Carrick going. City would match our bid and maybe arsenal. I’d expect us and City to fight it out for him ass his brother is at city so Manchester would be the likely area. I’m not a fan of Yaya Toure myself but he may help our engine room.

    btw i meant Gaetano D’Agostino not De Cesare before. lol. silly memory of mine. D’Agostino can pass like beckham and shoot and is Udinese Captain so you can assume he is a midfield leader of sorts which we sometimes need. Comfortable as a DM too.

  8. infact it a wonderful talk show here. Cole is a sensitive play that can play all round front in a match, i guess is a nice looking and sharp player man u have gotten. i like that

  9. well reading the papers it looks like joe cole is going to arseanl one minute he going to us next minuted he going to arseanl. i dont tust the press any more i nevere had anyway maybe a small bit

  10. maybe playing behind rooney or on left. there is harly no know one linked with us today . they must be on day of for man united

  11. ya i am i have jiust seing it . bent and rooney up front. does he not like heasky anymore . aslo joe cole is not playing, i an suprised that huddlestone is playing he must me going . looks like right phillps will not be going either with theo playing . and no carrick could he no be going either

  12. poor frist half good second half. taught joe cole changed for england. right phillps did very well i said while go he wont make it . i change my mind . i taught he made a huge differnce when he canme on. i thinn walcot was rubbish i cant see him going. eegland are getting like us now scoring owen goals rooney must have gave thenm a tip or 2 in how 2 score owen goals cant wait for the world cup

  13. could man united be about to make frist summer sing in a matter of days . reports in spain . have said man city man united chelsea are all interset in him. a barca has told me its between man city and man united. i personly think it could be arseanl wth fabrace going the other way. well my barca has said no its between city and united he want to be colser to his brother toure who plays for city. and he also says he want champions leagu football. i said i could of told you that my self. he thinks united are favourites to land him

  14. well i think he will go to arseanl . because fabrace will go the other way and arseanl have rejected the bid today. but my barca friend is convinced its us. why would chelsea want him when they have essian lampard deco man city a few as well maybe arseanl do need him. if we do get him he be a great holding palyer for us back up for harageves.

  15. no i think he will play 4 s 1 systenm this is my team and formation
    van der sar
    wes brown vidv rio evra
    velencia toure flecther scholes
    joe cole
    nani will come in for scholes tinme to time to give him a break sanme with velencia. and harageves will give flecther a rest when he needs it sanme with toure.

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