How Many More Chances Will Sir Alex Give Him?


By G@mb!t.

Anderson’s name has been mentioned in the news a lot recently, first it began with news coming through about him being in a car crash and related stories, then lately with his return to action with the reserves. Last season was a forgettable one for him; it was basically a mixture of poor performance, bad attitude and hard luck.

Anderson arrived at Manchester United along with Nani in the summer of 2007, He arrived with the over exploited tagline- “next Ronaldinho”. It led to people expecting Ando to be a player he really wasn’t, he eventually settled in and had a pretty successful season first season. Anderson was played in a central midfield role and displayed his exceptional passing range and great runs with the ball. He also successfully shut out the likes of Gerrard and Fabregas out of games.

Unfortunately he was unable to build on his excellent first season; he was very inconsistent over the season and failed to live up to the buzz he had created after his first season at the club. The performance in the Champions League final summing up what was a disappointing season for Anderson.

Fast forward to last season, Anderson didn’t really show much improvement as struggled when asked to play in a two man midfield, leading to Sir Alex even trying him out on the wings occasionally, but without any success. Anderson then went on to get on Sir Alex’s bad side by allegedly flying home to Brazil without prior permission and then sulking once he returned, infuriating Sir Alex. Then on his first team return in February, he injured his knee and was ruled out for almost 6 months.

Anderson’s off field antics are believed to have hindered his development (in my opinion), and he has unfortunately come under a lot of criticism lately with people going to the extent of suggesting that he wouldn’t be included in the 25 man squad, but Sir Alex showed his faith in him by deciding to loan out Tom Cleverley and hence giving Ando a lifeline to salvage his career at Man United.

Anderson is easily one of the most talented players at the club and can easily become of the best in the world; he’s probably the best option to take over from Paul Scholes. On his day Anderson can match Scholes in his passing. If Anderson can do what Nani did last season, and work hard and focus on football, He can go a long way to accomplishing himself as a vital player to United.

This might be Anderson’s last chance to save his career at United, so he better grab this opportunity before it disappears. He has to be dreaming if he thinks Sir Alex will give him another chance to perform if he messes up again.

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  1. I’m really not sure about Ando. He’s so much like Nani it’s unbelievable. so inconsistent and so frustrating. Nani’s issue was self-belief. He has that and has matured. He now looks a top-class player and will get better. He has saved his united career with aplomb.

    Ando though just seems to party too much, listen to little, and as much as he just loves to play footy is a good trait, i think we are fighting a losing battle with him. He value has dropped that much that we will only get half the cash back if we sold him. Probably the only reason he is still here. He will develop as long as he tries but unlike Nani, his attitude is wrong and probably wont develop whilst at united. If he left us, we’d be no worse off. Would he be? No.

  2. whatever mark you chat shit ando is a great player its just a shame fergie doesnt play in his prefered position. Carrick is the player who should be sold he is shite.

  3. Dis guy want’s to be played as an atakin MDfider cos dat’s were he know’s hw 2 why usein him as a DFensive MD.We al saw wat hw he play wen planyin 4m da atakin role.give him is role n we ganna see da BEST.Sir alex should take note.I trust da guy…

  4. Maybe, just maybe, if Ferguson would play Anderson in the role that made him so attractive to United, than, maybe, just maybe, we will finally see the Anderson that enjoyed so much success in Portugal. He is not a central MF player, he defends well (who knew) but that is not his strength. His strength is going at defenses in the last third of the field. Anderson like many top players is a confidence player “HE NEEDS REGULAR FOOTBALL”. I am so tied of hearing this nonsense about his attitude. I ask you to re-read this and than ask yourselves if you wouldn’t have just a bit of an ATTITUDE if placed in the same position–YOU would!!! Yup, you would!

  5. As far as Anderson’s concerned, I remember the “next Ronaldinho” comment…… I wish….. Sorry, but you can play him anywhere you want, he’s just not good enough for us. Most importantly who is he to have an attitude! He’s like an annoying little bitch.

    I have been posting this comment on Berbatov playing an attacking midfield role… not the quickest player, but there isnt a player in the Premier League with the vision and touch like Berba… I’m glad everyone agrees, but obviously it fell on deaf ears, he’s still playing up front!

    Players that gotta go

    O’Shea – Worst player I have ever seen.
    Carrick – In his position he should be touching the ball more than twice a game!!!!!!!!

  6. Portuguese, & Brasilian players are very prideful & enjoy life. This is especially true for Brasilians and they don’t don’t have the best track record in the EPL 4 a reason. I’m hoping Ando will be the exception & SAF does as well. I’ve never agreed w/ playing Ando out of his natural position & I think that accounts alot for his lack of confidence. I’m happy that I’m not the only one to see that:) I think if Ando is to remain @ OT in his current position then SAF needs to give him more play time & not play faves. I thought Ando was treated unfairly last season especially considering how dismal the midfield performance in general was He was the BEST. I was a fan before he came 2 UTD & I’d rather see him elsewhere enjoying himself than riding the bench & being sapped of his talent.

  7. i saw him in the world cup. look godd but be far greece our rubbish. he might done better if he was playing for germnay i would say. its jiust about a done deal according to talk sport. and i aslo saw him on u tube. but there league in greece its no showing on sky or espn o euro sport. i would like see play four five match in a row. its a pitty there not in the chanmpions league i dont think there are anyway

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