How do you feel about Wayne Rooney now?


Wayne Rooney has dramatically signed a new five year contract when it appeared he was almost certain to leave. I’m equally stunned on hearing this news as I was on Tuesday, when Sir Alex Ferguson intimated Wayne wanted to leave Manchester United. How do you feel though?

Personally, I’ve been very disappointed in Wayne’s actions of the past week, and perhaps on reflection since August. For many he will no longer have the hero status. He has vowed to win over the fans… Can he? In all honesty, I wanted him to leave. I’m going to find very difficult to cheer his name when it is read over the public announcer, to sing his song after scoring a goal, I will celebrate, but only as a consequence of the team scoring. I will never boo a player or the team, not like those that booed on the final whistle after the 2-2 draw with West Bromwich Albion – which I found embarrassing. Will a repeat of last season’s goal scoring feats win you over – we know how fickle us football fans can be?

So why the change of heart? Have we caved into his wage demands? I hope this is not the case. He obviously has had answers to his questions – this mean reinforcements are likely in January or the summer? Or despite signing a new contract will Rooney still leave in the summer, thereby allowing us to receive the deserved transfer fee?

How do you feel about Wayne Rooney now?

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  1. Avatar

    I burned the Rooney kit I had the other night. I will be a United until I die but I have no respect for Rooney. Yes, he has done a lot in the years he has been here but no one man is bigger than the team. I have completely lost all respect for him due to his poor actions of late.

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    Ahumuza Emmanuel keita on

    i wanted him to leave only because of what he said. but that only happened to prove he’s also human. am excited that he’s signed a new deal & will always back him whenever he pulls on a red shirt. I LOVE U ROO & thanx for being a man.

  3. Avatar

    I’m delighted. SAF is delighted and you have to trust his judgement. Maybe it was all about Wayne wondering like most of us why top class signings haven’t been made. Also worrying like us on the replacements for Scholes Giggs and Edwin when they hang up their boots.

    I don’t know but it’s been sorted now. We need to get behind him and help him recapture his form. Everyone makes mistakes I’m glad he realised before it was too late!

  4. Avatar

    As long as he doesn’t throw another tantrum, I am fine with it. But seriously how can you take him seriously and trust him. Hopefully he will improve on his form and give us something to smile about.

    He needs to grow up and not depend on the manager to always help him sort out his problems professionally as well as personally. Next he will want the manager to hold his hand when he is not playing. Grow up Rooney and go and give us some good quality goals!

  5. Avatar

    A few weeks before he worked his transfer from Everton he wore a shirt saying “Once a Blue Always a Blue”.The details of his new contract might make interesting reading.

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    I have no problem forgiving Rooney, at the moment, we need him more than he needs us, sad fact. I don’t see why people were so shocked he wanted to go, after all, he left Everton, a club he loved, to come to Old Trafford to win trophies and he wants to be sure of winning a lot more.

    As Arsene Wenger just said on sky, “the surprsing thing wasn’t that it happened but that the club came out with it”. Fergie turned him into a hate figure with the media games but it forced him to sign a new contract so he obviously felt the situation serious enough that it had to be done, Rooney probably feared he’d get lynched if he went to city, January’s a long way away.

    I Still think if there aren’t any world class new signings or any of the youngsters really come on, he’ll be off within a couple of years. Let’s not forget Ronaldo signed a five year deal and left after 1 year of it.

    All’s well that ends well, the best thing we can do is forget about it.

  7. Avatar

    Glad he is staying but now have doubts about him both as a person and a player. Wish he had gone instead of Ronaldo. will always say that. However, he is our best player when on form but overrated. Wish him, and United all the luck in the world. Both are ambitious and we will move on to win trophies. Cantona considered leaving after the Palace incident. Keane too. Giggs had offers, as did Fergie. To slate rooney for questioning the future is wrong. He is there to win for the next 5 years. Better with him than without. Dissapointed in him this season – poor form, antics, attitude. after xmas we will forgive him.

  8. Avatar

    i have become indifferent towards rooney! patch him up…get a few goals out of him this season and boot him out in the summer i say!!! certainly an option!

  9. Avatar

    Wayne Rooney was my favourite player and I felt BETRAYED by him on behalf of ‘Old Trafford’, Sir Alex and his team-mates.

    The interview with the media where he stated that his ankle was not injured to me was he was making a statement to the globe that Sir Alex was a Liar! I hated Rooney then…and I don’t like to hate anybody…and I still don’t like him now.

    I do not trust him anymore..Sad for me in that he WAS my favourite player…Any U-Turn now is irrelevant, he was jolly fortunate that Sir Alex left the door open to him and even after viewing his interview in MUTV, it does’nt endear me to him anymore..BUT I love Manchester United…She is a Global Icon to be respected at all times.


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