Gutted isn’t the word…


How gutted are you this morning? Yeah, me too! Manchester United had the tie won if it wasn’t for poor defending from Michael Carrick and the soft dismissal of Rafael. United’s performance over the two legs was scattered with defensive blunders, from Gary Neville’s daft handball to Patrice Evra’s inability to clear the ball during the final minutes at the Allianz Arena.

I’m a fan of Carrick; at his best he brings control and retention of possession. I’ve defended him recently as feel he comes in for harsh criticism considering what he has helped United achieve in recent seasons. This morning however I have no leg to stand on – another poor performance which included an awful piece of defending allowing Bayern to score their first goal and therefore a foot back in the tie. Carrick also lost possession cheaply on the halfway line which lead to the corner Bayern scored their second goal.

Does Carrick have a future at United?

To Rafael, he was superb while he was on the pitch, arguably United’s best player. He gave Ribery (a player with a supposed transfer fee of £60million) a torrid time; he was in the Frenchman’s face from the first minute and didn’t allow him to settle on the ball. His performance bodes well for the future, surely Rafael will learn from this experience and mature (in terms of football) faster and become a better player. Right back is an area which I felt required reinforcing but not now.

To the sending off, both yellow cards were soft however Rafael can have no complaints. For the first yellow Rafael can’t go around kicking out at other players. For the second yellow card, Ribery was running into a dangerous area but Rafael dragged him. Ribery perhaps should have also received a yellow for his swinging arms. The Bayern players certainly piled the pressure on the referee by surrounding him and forcing a decision.

United couldn’t have had a more perfect start, two goals in the opening ten minutes and the thoughts of Roma came flooding back. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team selection was perfect; a midfield of Gibson, Carrick (less so) and Fletcher gave us the spark and energy that was missing for the defeat against Chelsea.

Nani and Valencia were constant attacking threats. Nani was superb yet again; he really is making his critics eat their words.

As a result of the red card United (as a team) went deeper and deeper allowing Bayern to attack with little fear of conceding themselves. To solely defend for forty minutes is a difficult ask at the best of times, to solely defend with only ten men for forty five minutes and not concede a goal is an extremely difficult task and so it happened… Could we respond? Not really, this is where the extra man was highlighted. Bayern popped the ball around to one another and kept possession with ease.

It will be easy to blame the referee than look at ourselves. The defending of Carrick, Neville and Evra are to blame rather than any referring decision. The team are not far off from competing at the elite; one or two additions to the squad (creative midfielder and another striker) will see us better equipped.

Another Champions League season ends in disappointment, suppose there always will be disappointment unless we win the thing. However, have we bettered our expectations before the start of the season after the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez? In the big games the loss of Ronaldo has been highlighted, we could have done with Ronnie last night…

I’m proud of the lad’s performance; down to ten men and it still took a wonder goal to knock us out.

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  1. Avatar

    You are not a United fan,you talk to much sense lol.
    We have 5 games left of the season so lets get even more behind the lads and see where we go from there.
    Ferguson is to good a manager not to aquire certain players or maybe a assistant coach for that matter ,at the start of next season.
    Good performances last night but I just had a funny feeling it was going to be a porto/leverkusan night,and it was.Impressed with gibson,rafeal (to a point),fletch and especially nani.

  2. Avatar

    ya agree carrick was shocking if it wasnt from him e all be coming to spain for revenage on barca. why didnt fergie take rafeal of at half time. my mate said to me take him of bring on john o shea. all right were all blaming carrick for the frist goal but were was rafael were was our defence shocking ad he was an a yellow. fergie said after game that bayern were trying to get him send off if that was case why didnt he take him of. we would be trough only for him, and carrick. but we have to get behind lads i probaly would take preim anyway cos going 4 in a row. it wouldnt being nice to get reveange on barca. ya think phealn has to go. last piont what i was angry with fergie was the touch line wth 5 minutes to go were was he all nite were was he all season. they only other he got of his city were the man city games. lets get behind lads show everyone is not an end of our club

  3. Avatar

    Yes,if we are going on who offers more.
    I think gibson has alot more to improve but shooting/finishing isnt one of them lol.
    Plus carrick now seems to be on the slope down unfortunetly,I have always been a fan of his composure and passing ability but lately he hasnt offered those capabilities in games which it is needed.
    Plus what we get from carrick we get alot more from say fletcher,park and at times scholes/giggs.

    Regarding our season I am not to overly disapointed,the loss of ronaldo partically was always going to hit us on the pitch because we then needed to change styles with Valencia being a more orphadox winger,reverting back to 442.

    Although there have been defeats we have also been fortunete to be still in a compeating position.
    If (its a big IF) we win all our remaining games then I wouldnt be surprised if we end up as victorious.

  4. Avatar

    I suppose I needed an outlet this morning to express how I am feeling but you have done it well. We would have gone through with 11 men and looked totally in control until that 1st goal and then the sending off. Like you, I can’t blame Rafael…he is only 18 and looked brilliant otherwise. The Germans played well after the sending off and we sat back too much but even though our lads’ energy had been sapped mentally as well as physically it took a wonder goal to penetrate us. Looking to the future, I hope the lads can pick themselves up for the Blackburn game as we still have a great chance to win the title…Chelsea still have to play Liverpool and Tottenham away. In the longer term, I hope Sir Alex buys another striker such as Benzema or Macheda/Diouff come on strong as it’s too much for Rooney by himself and I’ve finally lost patience with Berbatov. Come on United!

  5. Avatar

    ya i have red reports this moring that fergie has proismed him first team football that is benzema. he would be great sing. i still think we can win the league but we have to win on sunday.

  6. Avatar

    I think Carrick totally proved the poinnts i have been trying to make in recent weeks!!! and i really wished he had made me eat my words, to prove i dont know what i am talking about. Unfortunately he was shocking again last night. And as an Irishman, trust me guys when i say this, Darren Gibson is not the answer to our midfield problems!! noooooooooo way. i’ve been following him for years, he is not anywhere near good enough to warrant a consistant place in Utd starting 11…i dont think he needs to be giving much more games to prove himself, we all know what he is good at, and what he isnt quite as good at. At the end of the day, we need players of Utd class, i know Fergie fancies Defour, everyone knows how highly i rate Hamsik but even Hernanes wuld be ok. I strongly disagrre with Fergie (and i know thats a dangerous thing 2 say) when he says this squad doesnt need much tweeking. Most of my friends who are football fans, not Utd fans, but football fanatics agree that this season seems to be a lap of honour for this Utd squad and unless we invest we are in serious trouble. Scholes, Giggs, Neville and VDS to a much lesser extent, are well past their prime and need replacing immiedately to give whoever comes in time to blend with rest of squad. I wont go into my theory on Carrick…check out the other blog for that. Gibson has now scored in Champions League 1/4 lets get the maximum price for him now. the signing of Hernadez, the young Mexican striker confuses me slightly too. I just wonder where this leaves our other “next big thing’s”, Macheda, Wellbeck, Diouf as well as Owen And Berbatov. Surely what we need is one marque striker along with Rooney and compliment them with one or two young guns. How will we afford all these promising youngsters the game time they need to develop into Utd players.

  7. Avatar

    agree carrick had 3 good easons but this season is his worst seasone evere. hope next season will be better for maybe he got carried away with himself thinking he has one 3 titles possibly going four won one champions legaue and anthore ffinal. so he probaly this to easy for me i dont play cos i have other palyers around him who can cover his performace

  8. Avatar

    the story of the day in spain toady ashely young is going to barca in the summer. have we being linked with any plzyers today normal were linked with a fews players during thee weakned

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