Glory Glory Man United?


By Joe Angove

‘Ooo ahh Cantona’ I would scream at the telly as the gifted Frenchman graced the field, he was the first player who I remember aspiring to as a child, sparking my lifelong passion for Manchester United.

I write this at the age of 22, having supported Man United ever since I can remember. As I’ve grown older I have noticed a similar reaction from ‘none united’ supporter’s labelling me as a ‘glory fan’ when I reveal to them who I support. Now in a certain way this winds me up as I know I am not, then again I can understand their thinking behind it as there are a lot of ‘fair weather’ united glory fans. My reasons for becoming a united fan mainly stem from my father (a lifelong united fan) and watching Manchester United for the first time as a child; admiring the grace of players like Giggs and Cantona, I was so young at the time and didn’t even know who was winning the game I just loved the way it was played.

My Father is 58 years of age and tells me he had similar reasons as myself for supporting united, he supported them through thick and thin and was a regular at games in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and to this current day. He regularly tells me stories of past players and games he went to in his more youthful days; watching legends such as ‘Georgy Best’ (an experience I’m jealous of him having.)

Having been born brought up in Cornwall (like my Father), admittedly, I have no family connection with the Manchester area, which I know some united fans from Manchester frown upon, therefore question my allegiances towards the club . Again, I can understand their point but I hate being disliked for the reason of simply not being from Manchester. I travel up to watch them as regular as possible and have a passion for the club as much as any other avid fan.

I will continue to support united through thick and thin, no matter what happens in the future. Even if I am labelled as a glory fan, I simply won’t let it affect me, because in my heart I know I’m not ;).

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. I agree with you totally ive supported Utd for forty odd years but im also not from Manchester ,a lot of it is just jealousy cos their sad teams aint won anything ha ha

  2. Good one mate. Even though I am not born in Manchester either, but i have supported Man United for 20 years and I will keep supporting them. I like to thank my Bother if it was not for him I would be a Charlton fan now that who my Father supported when he was young he supports Man United now all done to My Bother

  3. You are a glory supporter, no if or buts. No connection with the club you ‘support’ but you are the one who will shout loudest to deny you are a bandwagoner, absolutely 100% reason most real fans can’t stand man utd,chelski etc

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