Gary Neville: “Fancy a pint Carlos?”


Yeah, Cricket celebrations are wanted for this weekend’s Manchester derby.

Apparently Manchester Police have contacted both Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini in an attempt to restrain their players’ goal celebration. Of course the please are wary of a repeat of the Neville & Tevez spat and Evra & Bellamy having objects thrown at them by opposition fans.

The Neville & Tevez incident was blown all out of proportion – a mountain out of a mole hill. Is there anything wrong with a little (okay maybe more than a little) rivalry and tension from opposition players? Nah, nothing wrong in the slightest! Both players have a will to win; Gary Neville loves his club whilst Carlos loves (money? Criticising Sir Alex Ferguson) scoring against his former club. As fans we feed of this sort of tension between players – great stuff!

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, in charge of the policing operation, said:

“Our main aim is to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for all fans. When a minority of people misbehave, it spoils it for everyone.”

That is fair enough but what is a player supposed to do if they score a late winner? Handshakes all around with “Good show old chap, good show” being muttered? Never going to happen!

The player v fan banter is great ingredient of football. Us fans like to dish out stick to opposition players so we should fully expect a comeback if said players scores. I found the whole reaction to Adebayor’s celebration against Arsenal earlier this season ridiculous. Arsenal fans had been giving Adebayor plenty of abuse throughout the game so why can’t Adebayor respond?

So come Saturday night I fully expect to see Neville and Tevez sharing a pint in the Moon Under the Water. The Wetherspoons burger and pint deal might be pushing it though…

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  1. neveileis the man i think they will be fire works 20morrow . is it the biggest derby in the world no if it is another 4 – 3 score than surely has to be

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