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  • Ben Townsend
    Ben Townsend replied to the thread It's PSG!.
    such a shame Mbappe went there, then again, it is nice to see Neymar be pissed off at the fact he isnt the player at his club ....again
  • Mr C
    I agree with Bob I can't believe Woodward would risk his job if all he had to do was employ someone else. I can't believe successful...
  • Mr C
    Exactly, will Poch be happy with those expectations, or will he want to manage a club who wants to win. And getting back to your...
  • Mr C
    Mr C replied to the thread It's PSG!.
    This is why I wonder why players go to PSG, the CL is basically their only competetive football. Players who go there go for the money...
  • SuperRash
    SuperRash replied to the thread It's PSG!.
    The French league is a joke. PSG are gonna run out comfortable winners every year because of their owners and as the smaller French...
  • RvN10
    RvN10 replied to the thread The race to finish in the top four.
    Also with the manager ripping into to the team, and that team already has past of falling out with the managers I’d say good chance...
  • RvN10
    RvN10 replied to the thread It's PSG!.
    But have they got Lindelof? mark all 3 out the game will thinking of what his having for tea :D
  • RvN10
    RvN10 replied to the thread Matteo Darmian to Juventus?.
    This just needs to happen, I actually do like Darmain, his a proper Italian Defender in terms of defence is more important as attack...
  • RvN10
    RvN10 replied to the thread McTominay loan move?.
    Me personally I’d of loaned him out for this season and then if he does well where ever he went too, then offer him a deal. I’m not his...
  • B
    Very disappointing 3 - 1 defeat.
  • jsp
    They do have cover he's called Son but bad timing means he's also not available so you're down to the 3rd choice in Llorente. Never...
  • jsp
    Got to admit that one makes little to no sense to me unless we've removed some clauses from the deal he signed previous. We don't see...
  • jsp
    How can it not be down to those 3 things? The only other reason I'd venture is the they want to cash in and sell it so they'd rather...
  • Red Warrior
    Red Warrior replied to the thread Box Sets.
    It's on Sky now.