Scholes Confirmed as Oldham Manager


Apr 11, 2016
He’s not someone I naturally thought oh he’s going to become a manager’ when he finished playing so will be very interesting to see how he does. He’s obviously grown up under the tutelage of the greatest manager of all time so that’ll stand him in good stead.

Will get him out of the BT studio as he’s not the best pundit for sure!


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Feb 15, 2012
Feels like he's stepped in where no one else would that clubs been in a mess for a while.

Be interesting to see how he does because he doesn't strike me as a manager especially with players who can't do what he can do with the ball but his experience at Salford may help him at that level because he's at least seen what it's like lower down the leagues. I wonder if they'll get Mourinho/LVG/Moyes in as a punditry panel for a game if they ever get picked for TV.

He's had to give up his role as a director at Salford due to the conflict of interest but has retaining his 10% share in the club.

He did some coaching when he first retired at Utd but was back playing within 6 months since then I don't think he's been involved in a club just been on the punditry circuit.

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