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May 8, 2011
SISTE: Manchester United byr 3 millioner euro for Rafik


After that TA understands the English big club Manchester United have come with a bid of 3 millions euros for Odds 17-year-old talent, Rafik Zekhnini.

TA has received no reply Odds general manager, Håndlykken. Coach Day Eilev Fagermo has not responded to the TAs inquiries.


- It is clear this is fun, but I think not so much on all the rumors going about your day. I thrive in Odd, is 17-year-old comments to TA Saturday night.

Zekhnini made his mark during Thursday's match against Borussia Dortmund in Skien and has received praise from several sides. Including the German world champion Mats Hummels.

Les matter: World champion Hummels impressed by Rafik

It was also known that several big clubs had sniffed talent. One of these should have been just Manchester United.

On Friday said Zekhnini following the TA;

- My dream is to play for Manchester United. It has always been the favorite club. But you never know if it comes any offer.
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