Player Power

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Feb 13, 2010
Player Power.

It's a debate that's been rearing it's head every now and again for a couple of years.There was the landmark Jean-Marc Bosman ruling in 1995 where he took his case to the European courts of justice and eventually won,ushering in the modern era of transfers where players can now walk away from a club for nothing at the end of a contract and sign for a new club of their choosing.Edgar Davids became Europe's first elite club Bosman transferred player, when he moved from Ajax to Juventus in 1999.The Premierships first high profile Bosman transfer was Steve McManamans move from Liverpool to Real Madrid,making him the highest paid British footballer in history at the time.Free transfers have now become almost common place with a few noticable examples over the summer,Joe Cole to Liverpool and Ballack to Bayer Leverkusen to name two.

It seems the Bosman ruling isn't enough for some players.Regardless of contracts they want a move and they want one now.They behave like the professional contract they signed isn't worth the paper it's written on.One of the first high profile examples of player power was when William Gallas allegedly threatened to score an own goal if he didn't get his move.He got his way when he became an Arsenal player in 2006.Chelsea fans won't have been too unhappy because Ashley Cole moving the other way to Stamford Bridge was part of the deal.We have our own example with Cristiano Ronaldo,he told the whole world about his 'dream',his dream to play in the lilly white of Madrid.For a while Sir Alex Ferguson denied the player his dream and resisted the overtures from Spain.Eventually he gave in,but only when Madrid put a world record amount of transfer money on the table.A similar situation is happening at the Emirates with Arsenal and Fabregas,the whole world knows that one day soon the young Spaniard will be plying his trade at the Nou camp.

In the last week we've seen three examples of player power.There's Robinho who's made it blatently clear that he doesn't want to play for City,well he's made it clear he doesn't want to play in England.City arranged a deal for him to become a Fenerbache player and he's refused,he wants to go to Italy or Spain.Javier Mascherano hasn't played for Liverpool yet this season because his head isn't in the 'right place'.By that I assume he means that his head is at Inter Milan with his old mentor Benitez or it's at the Nou Camp wearing Barcelonas famous blue and red vertical stripes.Then there's Asmir Begovic,the Stoke City goalkeeper.He only moved to the Potters in January 2010 when they rescued him from the sinking ship that was Portsmouth FC.There's no 'my head's not in the right place' for him,oh no,he's gone on all out strike.He's refusing to play,his reasons being that he wants to move to Chelsea and he wants it right now!

There have been calls on phone-ins on radio stations and television programs suggesting that he has his wages docked,or that he should be sacked for breach of contract and not allowed to play until it runs out.That's the way it happens in the real world to us that live there with normal jobs,they reason.What would you do? What should be done and are these players totally within their rights to treat their contracts with such disdane.Are contracts worth the paper they are written on if players are going to get away with acting like this? It's over to you.
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