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Jun 14, 2019
Ole is looking to the future , yes this is what we should be doing but james looked decent last season and will be a very good signing but he was sent back from his loan at Shrewsbury the season before so as every1 knows we need ready made players aswell as youth , we should be looking at the established players leaving there clubs like bale , Godin and even ben arfa who is a free transfer and also had the most dribbles and assists in ligue 1 last season so can only benefit more than the piano player sanchez ...fergie did the same bringing in larrson , Owen etc when we needed them


Apr 11, 2016
Just on the James loan move, so many players go off on loan and don’t pull up any trees. Remember how many loan moves Kane had before he established himself at Spurs. Sometimes loan moves are super beneficial but on occasion managers will rather give their ‘own’ a game over a loanee.

We shouldn’t be looking at Bale or Ben Arfa under any circumstances. Bale because he isn’t what he once was and I would question his desire. Also we have been burnt many times with these ‘names’ coming in and being utter rubbish. And well Ben Arfa, lots of talent but no brain.

There are lots of young players linked to us but only one signed so far so I would be reticent to say that we are only going for youth. That could well be the direction we go in but we also need some experience in too.


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Feb 15, 2012
Fergie tended to add experience as short term solutions Blanc or Larson in young sides.

I do think Utd need some older wiser heads in this dressing room Ben Arfa is not the right character for this dressing room if you go experience ideally you want a guy like Matic who seems no trouble does his work and goes home plays injured and sets an example.

Personally I think Utd need an experienced striker to backup Rashford next season someone like Giroud who is reliable enough that if he had to come in and play you aren’t worried.

Generally in the other positions I’d be looking for younger players who are either in their prime of just about to hit it.

Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
Ferguson's three tiered squad should be the approach.

Ferguson repeatedly refers to his three-tiered squad – the emerging youngsters, those in their mid-20s and the time-served thirtysomethings – as though it is United’s magic formula, yet simple as it sounds, few Premier League rivals have copied the blueprint, with some clubs top-heavy in one area or understaffed in others.

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