Noam Emeran

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May 8, 2011
Translation: Despite the last attempts of the PSG, Juventus and especially Valencia, Noam Eran (Amiens) should sign up well in Manchester United this winter. We are talking about an estimated transfer of 2 million euros, with bonuses that can increase the total to 10 million euros +% for resale



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Feb 15, 2012
Man Utd set to beat PSG and Juve to signing of latest French prospect

16 yr old striker. So we won’t be seeing him for a while if ever. Call him a wonder kid but how often do you sign them for less than £2m in today’s society
Think Monaco signed Mbappe for £3m from Lyon same with Martial.

I do wonder if we are paying his club 2m what are we paying him?

Hopefully that money doesn’t go to his head like it has with others and he can fulfill the potential he obviously has if all these clubs are chasing him.