Newcastle Utd vs Manchester Utd Player ratings

Red Warrior

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May 8, 2017
DDG - 7 great one handed save, not too much else to do

AWB - 7 looked quite lively and got a great goal
Maguire - 8 great to see him play better and get a goal
Lindelof - 6 did what he needed to
Shaw - 6 looks like he is pushing forward a bit more but he's left that move way too late, he's got a problem on his hands if Telles hits the ground running

Fred - 6 gives the ball away still too much
McT - 6 did an ok job

James- 6 Better from him but still not good enough, no end product and his decision making remains an issue. He is Anreas Perriera reincarnate.
Bruno - 8 He did in and did well even with a penalty miss. Fantastic goal to end a brilliant team move
Mata - 8 Best game from him for a long time, had space to operate in which suited him

Rashford - 8 Lively, give it all performance and deserved a goal at the end.

Subs: Matic, Pogba and VDB - all 8 when the quality came on the game changed and we switched it up and made it look easy.


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Feb 15, 2012
De Gea 8 no mistakes and made some good saves.

AWB 7 solid and got his goal
Maguire 7 same as above
Lindelof 7 Solid
Shaw 7 Solid

McTominay 7
Fred 7

James 6 on the fringes a bit but much improved from recent months.
Bruno 8 was there in the key moments as he always is probably fuming about missing a penalty but made up for it later on
Mata 9 Given time and space he had their pants down really found little pockets of space which caused them problems and linked really well with Bruno.

Rashford 8 best performance since he suffered that injury last year looked bang up for it lets hope he can build on this.

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