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Mar 26, 2010
Former Barca defender, Patrik Andersson is now part of the scouting team at Manchester United.

Patrik Andersson has a new job - for Manchester United. I will represent the club in Scandinavia, and to have second opinion on all the signings, "he says.

The former big hill and Swedish national team captain was close to taking over as sports manager in Allsvenskan Malmo FF. But it cut himself in the spring after many rounds, where only club to have offered him the position of leader, but since have changed.

Then in April, "Bjärred" been in dialogue with the Premier League team, and now it is clear that he starts work there in a scouting role similar.

It is very exciting. And also I get the opportunity to broaden my network for the future, "said Anderson to

What is it you will primarily engage in?

I'll be the club's representative and defend its interests, particularly in the Scandinavian. I also have an advisory role and provide "second opinion" on all solicitations. I can watch football and for me this is a very gloriously mission.

Does your advice only players from Scandinavia?

No, it is the general basis.

How did that happen when you come in contact with United?

That I would not exactly go into, but it is obviously a confidence. I've played at this level, in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The bottle neck is quite narrow and requires a great deal of success in today's elite soccer. As United know that I can see if a player has what it takes. They are looking for a course that can raise his eyes to see the big picture.

Your background as a professional abroad was an advantage, do you mean?

Yes, exactly. It's a little difference if you yourself have been out on the pitch in real-life situation and played the big games in good leagues, compared to someone who may not have the same experience with them.
This is really exciting and I get the opportunity to combine everything together with other projects I'm doing on the side.

What is the project?
I run a training company that works with personalized training, both in the school environment, and partly out of clubs. Today soccer is so obsessed and the results reflect the training arrangement. Often taking the upper hand lagträningen and then the development of individuals suffer. There we see ourselves as a great resource.

There will be no cooperation with Malmö FF in the foreseeable future?
Now I am aiming at this and look forward to a wonderful challenge to Manchester United. ... ter_united

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