Lo Celso


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Feb 15, 2012

Another one for the list been heavily linked to Spurs over the last few weeks.

Probably another one who's on the list in case Pogba does move.

Never really heard of him sounds like Betis are trying to cash in on him so not reading to much into our name being linked.

Read something that Utd have around 50 scouts working for them currently across the world so one of the reasons why we might be getting linked to so many players is we watch so many players.

The story goes on that these scouts are not really controlled by anyone and they are incentivised in terms of if they get a player to the club who achieves x,y,z they get bonuses they're acting more like corporate head hunters than scouts. This is what causes a lot of indecision at the club because they all give conflicting reports to suit their own agenda.

Apparently one of the roles of the technical director is going to be to sort this out and maximise the potential of this vast network because currently it's not exactly unearthing any gems. Mourinho was quick to dig them out last season after the West Ham game when Diop had a great game he cost them £20m from France that summer and had a good first season yet apparently wasn't on any scouting report list at Utd.

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