Jordan Pickford at Everton 2017/18


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Apr 5, 2017
I think it's a great bit of business for Everton. Forget about Sunderland because they would have gone down even if they had superman and Spider-Man playing for them. They were just awful. Where they would have been without Pickford isn't worth thinking about.

Everton could have gone out and signed Hart for this money. But the fact they haven't shows what faith they have in him. His represented England at every youth level which means his the best his age, in that position. He should follow trend and progressively take over from Hart (the sooner the better!) which would make 30 million for a national number 1 would look cheap.

Ok yes sceptics will say his got a mistake in him. But at 23 playing behind that Sunderland defence week in week out who wouldn't? I think even Buffon would have said enough is enough here!

His joining a club that will give youth a chance to play, which will only make him a better player. Being an Englishman i would love them to build a team around him. play him all the time and develop that potential he clearly has. It will only benefit our national team long term.


Apr 11, 2016
Yeah Pickford was awesome last season despite Sunderland going down and conceding lots. This is not down to Pickford though but for the defence which was shockingly bad. And well the less said about Moyes the better.

Everton have got themselves a terrific young keeper for sure. And they've also bought Klaasen, a very good start to the transfer summer for them indeed.


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Feb 15, 2012
The reality is you can make mistakes at Sunderland that cost goals because lets face it they let in 3 or 4 a week and most of the time he couldn't do anything about them so no one really notices his mistakes. The test now will be if he makes mistakes at Everton that cost them points pundits and journalists will pick up on it and it's how he handles that as he's a young keeper so he will make mistakes.

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