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Jan 12, 2019
I just read an article on Gazza that made me laugh out loud.
Apparently during a recent appearance there was discussion about how, had he joined United, Fergie would have put him on the right road and saved him from years of heartache.
Gazza's reply:-

"Really, well Rio Ferdinand did a runner from a f***ing drugs test. Eric Cantona two-footed some c*** in the neck in the stand. Wayne Rooney s****ed a f***ing granny and Ryan Giggs s****ed his brother's f***ing wife. F***ing hell, man".

Made me laugh anyway.

Mr C

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Mar 22, 2017
I love Gazza the footballer, best british player ever. I know that's saying something, but he was one of those players who were so exciting to watch. Could have been/done so much more though. A bit like Best really. Great to watch.


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Feb 15, 2012
I think people over play the Fergie card a bit it wasn't a case of Fergie's genius being a factor it was keeping him away form London and the crowd he settled in with that might of made a difference but what Fergie might have been able to do is shield him from the press a bit easier in Manchester than it was in London after Italia 90.

I doubt it though Utd in the first few years of Fergie were full of drinkers Robbo was basically a functioning alcoholic so Gazza would always have had a drinking buddy and in a city like Manchester he'd have had no problems finding strangers to pass the day away with when he was on a bender.

The bloke clearly has some serious mental health issues I don't think it really mattered where you put him he's on of these people with that self destruct button that he can't help pressing doesn't matter where you put him it will always happen. Deep down I think there's a good bloke in there sort of guy who'd give you the last bite of his sandwich if he saw someone who was hungry even if he knew that was all he'd be eating that day.

It's pretty sad when you see him do these speaking tours now as you can just tell his mind is complete mush after years of drug and alcohol abuse he's just desperate for the cash

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