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Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by LiamMUFC, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. LiamMUFC

    LiamMUFC New Member

    Nov 1, 2010
    Hi all,

    This is my first post onto the forum.

    Well, what better way to start off with looking forward. Some big games coming up as you all probably know (actually more like 2 big, 1 small, but these days 'there isn’t no small game...') with Wolves this w/e followed by the big one on the following Wednesday and Villa away @ Saturday lunch time.

    Firstly my two cents on this w/e's game. After a really great performance away from home in the CL (an underrated performance if you ask me) it's now time to carry the momentum through to Saturday. This is no more important for the likes of Carrick and in particular Gabby Obertan. Obertan, probably by his own admission, has not had the greatest of starts. A niggling back injury upon arrival meant his immediate injection into the first team was inevitably delayed. However, as luck (misfortune for others) would have it, Obertan is now our only out and out winger for the w/e (barring a comeback from Sir Giggs). Wednesday will hopefully prove a turning point for the French youngster. A poor first half was overshadowed by a man of the match second half performance, topped with a great 20 yd strike. Playing against Wolves will hopefully bring more opportunities for him to shine and grow his confidence, as by the looks of things, he will be greatly needed towards Christmas.

    Now, Carrick. I like to think of myself as one of Carrick’s bigger fans. In my opinion he has unique vision in close quarters at the edge of the box, ala Giggs to Owen vs. City last season (4-3, OT). His defensive incapability’s are one of his detractor’s main targets, and to be honest I don’t have much argument there. However, his ability to break down a 10 man defense is something that should not be shunned. He has played poorly off late, but, like Obertan, he played a commanding role in the middle of the park. Now now, I know 99.9% of you are thinking ‘Bursaspor are hardly Barry, De Jong, Toure et al.’, but trust me when I say confidence is key. A solid performance on Saturday with Scholes to his left (and right, and everywhere for that matter) will do him ‘the world of good’.

    I’ll jot down my 2 pence on the City game due course, but for now I’ll leave you to mull over the w/e’s game.
    Here’s hoping for a thumping win with a little Mexican twist.


    JSNFRMN Moderator

    Mar 26, 2010
    Welcome Liam, Most of us here are Carrick fans I think. Great player when he's on top of his game.
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