Ander Herrera: Working with Mou is unique, I'll be pushed

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May 8, 2011
Ander Herrera: Working with Mou is unique, I'll be pushed - MARCA English

Ander Herrera has appeared in 72 games with Manchester United in two seasons, has now won his first title at club level and is looking forward to working under new coach Jose Mourinho.

Man United closed the season by winning the FA Cup, what are your thoughts on that?

It has been a difficult season, it can't be otherwise when goals are not achieved.

The FA Cup is a fantastic tournament and Manchester United must fight for everything.

But yes, to win a title, even in difficult circumstances, speaks of the greatness of this club.

How did it feel to win your first title at club level?

It has been a blast.

In the semi-final against Everton we scored in the 92nd minute, and, in the end, we managed to win in extra-time.

We suffered a lot for that win, so we enjoyed it more.

Wembley is a legendary stadium, I will never forget it and hopefully it's the first of many for me with United.

And August 7 could be your second club title...

The Community Shield against Leicester will be just as challenging.

They have left everyone speechless.

What they have achieved in the Premier League is tremendous, especially against the top clubs with their financial backing.

It was amazing how they played, how they ran ... I hope we can follow them, they were deserving champions.

What do you think of as your reflect on your two years at United so far?

The fans appreciate me, and that feels good.

I would've liked to have more continuity in games, but I still played 31 games last season and 41 this year.

Those are very good numbers in a top club like United, but ideally, you always want to play in every game.

And win all of the ones you play - I want more in the future.

Are you surprised by Van Gaal's dismissal?

Nothing surprises you in football today.

United have to fight for every title and, when they lose that fight, this is one of the outcomes.

In many ways I think he has done a good job.

I'm grateful to him because he signed me and so gave me the opportunity to play more than 70 games, in two years, at arguably the world's largest club.

Were the rumours about Van Gaal's departure a distraction?

It wasn't a comfortable time, but we are professionals, and so we didn't allow it to distract us.

I must say that the coach remained strong throughout.

He never showed signs of surrender and, in the end, we won the FA Cup.

Van Gaal is an honest guy and has always put Manchester United above all else.

How does the arrival of Jose Mourinho feel?

I've had great coaches: Marcelino, with whom I made my debut; Aguirre, Bielsa. Valverde; who taught me how to handle the locker room and is a fantastic guy.

Then came Van Gaal and Mou now, who is the most successful coach, alongside Pep Guardiola.

He has won the league in four countries, the Champions League with Inter and Porto and lead Chelsea to become champions twice.

So for me this is a unique opportunity that will push me the maximum.


Jan 13, 2016
This of course assumes that Jose keeps him which is not guaranteed.

I personally think he'll get another year to show what he can do but he will need to up his game.

Jose won't want to make wholesale changes when he comes in because I think he will see the basis of a good squad. Herrera is one of those players who offers us something a little bit different and I think Jose will like that.

But I wouldn't be surprised if Jose brings in another midfielder who's strength is getting on the ball and pulling the strings.
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